3 Ways To Clean Your Vehicle In Under 30 Minutes

*This post is brought to you by Urse Dodge Chrysler Jeep. Opinions are my own.

If you have ever seen the inside of my car, you would probably be a bit shocked. I mean we are clean people, but our car? Ya, that is a totally different story, sigh.

Being as busy as I am I don’t have time to go outside and spend hours detailing and cleaning my car. It just will not happen, promise. I have no patience to do things like that. Things have to be quick and easy or it isn’t happening.


Throughout the years, I have found a few tricks and tips to clean my vehicle quickly. These tips are not magical tips, just things I have found that cut the time cleaning my car is half. I can easily clean my car now in as little as 30 minutes or less. Crazy right?

  1. Use Baby Wipes. No joke folks! Grab a pack of the cheap baby wipes and bring it to your car with you. You can use those suckers on the windows, console, steering wheel, seats and even floors! Yep, I use them and I can quickly and easily clean the whole car in no time at all.
  2. Shop Vac. I will turn this puppy on and suck up EVERYTHING I see. I can go through it later, right? Quick cleaning galore!
  3. Bring a bin out to the car. Throw all toys, coats, etc. into the bin. Bring it into the ┬áhouse and let your kids go through it. That is always my kid’s job to do that part. Easy peasy.

Those are my top 3 tips To Clean Your Vehicle In Under 30 Minutes. It works for me and my car is not perfectly clean, but now it is manageable. I will never have a perfectly clean anything with my kids around, so for now, this will do!

Do You Have Any Tips To Share On How You Keep Your Vehicle Clean?


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