Last-Minute Stocking Stuffers Under $20!

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Are you still scrambling to get together last-minute stocking stuffers? I was until I saw these cute and fun products! I wanted to quickly share them with you!

Last-Minute Stocking Stuffers Under $20!

Hot Wheels Tape

If you have kids who love Hot Wheels, there’s PlayTape by InRoad Toys. Imaginations will run wild with this roadmaker that’s easy-to-tear and mess-free. Playtape sticks to any surface. Kids can just Unroll, Stick, and Race™ for hours! Available in Hot Wheels® orange and blue, straight roads and curves. Ages: 3 Years+ MSRP: $4.99-$5.99 at Toys ‘R’ Us, Meijer, Hobby Lobby, Fred Meyer and Bartell Drug. STARTER PACKS available online at for $19.99.

rocket baby spoon

Make holiday mealtime fun and easy with Marcus & Marcus Rocket themed Feeding Spoon Dispenser. This food-grade silicone container holds up to 3 oz of baby food, can be safely warmed directly with hot water or a microwave oven, has a soft edge for baby’s tender gums and can dispense one bite at a time. Fun for kids and mess-free for parents! For ages 6 months and up.  MSRP: $10.99. Available online at

Playgro Bead Buddy Giraffe

Playgro’s Bead Buddy Giraffe is the perfect sized friend for little hands to grip and shake, with colorful rattling beads and a click-clack spinning handle to encourage baby’s auditory stimulation.  For ages 3 months and up. MSRP: $6.99. Available at

SoapSox Wash Mitt - Taylor the Turtle

It’s 2-in-1 fun with SoapSox®, the cuddly companions you can actually take in the tub! Snuggle, cuddle, and play together all day and when it’s time for your bath, bring them with you! A patented soap pocket transforms lovable SoapSox® into sudsy washcloth – just add soap and scrub. It’s the way kids want to wash! SoapSox®, the next generation of washcloths for kids! For Birth +. MSRP: $12.99. Available online at

Claessens' Kids KWID Childrens Learning Watch

And for the bigger kids, check out Claessens’ Kids KWID Time Teaching Watch. The KWID teaches kids to read both digital and analog time by displaying them together! It also teaches time management skills, thanks to an hourglass timer that is great for tracking privileges, chores, tooth brushing time and more! When the hourglass empties, a song plays, and an animation pops up. For ages 4-10 years old. Blue or pink. $29.99


One person is going to win the Claessens’ Kids KWID Time Teaching Watch and a  SoapSox® cuddly companion! Yay!


The contest is open to US 18+. Giveaway will end on January 10, 2017, at 11:59 PM MT. The winner will have 48 hours to confirm their win, after I email them, or a new winner will be chosen. I am not responsible for lost or stolen mail.


  1. Rajee Pandi says:

    books, toys, healthy snacks

  2. Vikki Billings says:

    I put candy, dvd’s, small toys, fruit and socks in stockings, things like that.

  3. Audrey Stewart says:

    We put in jewelry for the girls, and some make up.

  4. candy and toys

  5. Susan Chester says:

    I put little toys, make up, baseball cards, and candy.

  6. candy, snacks, little toys

  7. I put candies and small toys and books in the stockings.

  8. Stocking contents depend on the age of the recipient–small toys, jewelry, candy, etc.

  9. Stephanie Larison says:

    Candy, little toys, toothbrush, toothpaste

  10. Toothbrushes are a nice addition.

  11. Catherine Lewis says:

    Candy bars and lotto tickets

  12. Candy and small toys

  13. I put candy and gift cards.

  14. christina moore says:

    I usually put coloring books ,crayons, socks and gift cards

  15. I put candy, games, toys, other fun items…

  16. Jeani Brickner says:

    Santa puts candies, small games, socks and an orange in our stockings!

  17. Candy 🙂

  18. lots of candy!

  19. Candy and Star Wars toys!

  20. Bethany Suire says:

    Small toys, books, & sweet treats all giving my son’s stocking!

  21. I put candy and gift cards.

  22. Alison King says:

    For our stockings we put in candies, a book or magazine, a new toothbrush, toothpaste, and maybe some hand sanitizer or something like that.

  23. I put candy, gum, gift cards, nail polish, lip balms, socks, etc…

  24. Tiny bit of candy, cards, toys, bath products

  25. I usually put candy and small toys.

  26. molli taylor says:

    i like tyo put scratch off tickets in there…

  27. We usually put in new undies, small toys and soaps and of course some candy!

  28. Julie Lundstrom says:

    I put candy, small toys like a yoyo, slinky, jacks and kids card games. For my girls I do jewelry too.

  29. Lisa Williams says:

    I like to put toiletries and some candy,maybe a gift card and also I put an apple,orange and some nuts which is something I got in my stocking when I was a kid and from a big family of 7 kids so food was an issue, I honor my mom by doing it.

  30. elizabeth miller says:

    In my stockings, I usually put a little bit of candy, a drink, a small thing of chips, and little cute odd and end stuff I find while I am out shopping.

  31. I put candy, toiletries and gift cards in the stockings. Merry Christmas!

  32. We put some treats, toy cars and stuffies.

  33. I like chap sticks, small toys, ink stampers and stickers.

  34. vickie couturier says:

    usually some small cars,,lip balm,,stickers,,candy ,,cards,,toothbrush and toothpaste kid related

  35. Victoria Scott says:

    Candy, blind bags, band aids, and toothbrushes 🙂

  36. I have lots of chocolate! 🙂

  37. I put candy, popcorn, toothbrush, toothpaste, lottery tickets.

  38. I usually put candy, stickers or small toys.

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