Personalized Luxury Hair Care Regimens Delivered To Your Door! (Giveaway)

*Products were received. Opinions are my own.

What woman wouldn’t want personalized luxury hair care regimens delivered to their door? Heavens, that is a dream come true, isn’t it? I would say it is! That is where Shtrands comes in…

What The Heck Is Shtrands?

Over at Shtrands, there is a team of passionate hairstylists and cosmetics chemists who recommend to you and deliver personalized luxury hair care regimens to your door. So now you can achieve salon results at home!


Since you get to choose a subscription plan and choose a plan everything will be personalized for your hair. After you select your subscription, you will be directed to build your Shtrands profile by completing a short questionnaire. This is very important to Shtrands, so they can send you the right products for your hair type and concerns!

I love my hair

Based on each women’s unique hair texture, type, scalp condition, etc, we personalized hair care regimens and send them every 2 or 3 months, depending on the member’s choice. Every regimen is unique to each customer’s needs and consists of a combination of 4 full sized products among them, cleansing, conditioning treatment and styling products.


At any point during the subscription, you will be able to choose to receive again the products you love or receive something new. Shtrands works with selected indie salon brands, professional hair care and emerging brands to bring high quality and effective products to their customers.

My Experience With Shtrands

I loved being able to take the quick quiz to let Shtrands know what I like, what type of hair I have and what things I like to use on my hair. It really personalized the whole experience for me and I knew I would be receiving things I liked for my hair.

Once my subscription arrived I opened it and found some great products I had never tried before but were selected based off of the answers from the quiz I took. That night I had some fun using the products in my shower!

I was sent products from Shtrands new partner, Abril et Nature, which is an innovative Spanish company and their professional products are available only through Shtrands, in the USA.
Shtrands chose products for my unique profile, so I got products from a line specially formulated for chemically straightened hair. Again, everybody will get different products based on their needs.

All of the products smell SO good. That is another thing. In the quiz, you can say whether you like light scents or stronger ones. I put light scents 🙂 These products each have a really light scent and smell so good!

I am not lying when felt so soft. It literally feels like I went to the salon and had them wash, condition and blow dry it for me. So yes, I did achieve salon results at home. Just very happy with all the products I received and how they make my hair look and feel.

Try Shtrands!

Want to give Shtrands a try? Sure you do! With my results, I think everyone should at least try them once! Just visit them online at to get started!

Coupon Code Just For You!

I have a coupon code just for my loyals! Use coupon code: KIM to receive $10 off from ANY plan you choose!


One lucky individual is going to receive a full personalized regimen! Once the winner is chosen they will be sent the profile link to fill out the quiz! Yay!


The contest is open to US 18+. Giveaway will end on January 9, 2017, at 11:59 PM MT. The winner will have 48 hours to confirm their win, after I email them, or a new winner will be chosen. I am not responsible for lost or stolen mail.


  1. You can customize your products to fit your specific hair type.

  2. Buddy Garrett says:

    My wife loves that it is personalized to her particular hair needs.

  3. Nicole DeFontes says:

    I like how the hair products are customized.

  4. I like that I can get something personalized for me

  5. I like that the products are personalized to each individuals personal needs.

  6. wow

  7. My daughter could use something like this. Her hair is so difficult to take care of. I think that this would be great for her.

  8. Jennifer Reed says:

    My favorite part about Shtrands is that every regimen is unique to each customer’s needs, and consists of a combination of 4 full sized products.

  9. I like that you can customize your products to fit your specific hair type.

  10. The fact that it is customized for me!

  11. I like that these products are chosen in a way that is personalized for the user.

  12. Amber Warfield says:

    I love how personalized the product is. Even the fact that you can pick light or strong scents.

  13. I like that you can create your own plan..that’s awesome

  14. Cynthia Mercado says:

    I love that it is personalized

  15. I like that they work with companies that offer high quality and effective products.

  16. Patricia Mingozzi says:

    I like that they personalize them to your hair issues and type.

  17. Patricia Mingozzi says:

    I like that the products are personalized to my type of hair and concerns.

  18. Susan Smith says:

    I like that it’s personalized for my hair.

  19. I like that you can personalize your own products. I also like the section about menopause and hair.

  20. Kayte CookWatts says:

    I like how your age is taken into account because as you get older your hair changes just as dramatically as your skin.

  21. I like how you receive the hair items that are personalized specifically for you!

  22. melody hodge says:

    I like how after you order your subscription, you have the option to change it later to fit your needs.

  23. I like that it is personalized for me, as I’ve gotten older my hair has different needs now, so having a regimen tailored to those needs is something I could benefit from.

  24. I would love to try these products!

  25. I do like also that they deliver personalized luxury hair care regimens for me.

  26. I love that they offer free shipping!

  27. Victoria Scott says:

    That it’s personalized and really is for all hair types! I love all inclusive brands – it feels like they are putting out good energy into the universe 🙂

    • Thank you! The more brands and groups are narrowly focused only on one type of woman customer, the more segregation among us. Although hair is unique as a fingerprint, that hair diversity can bring us together.

  28. Well I like that they’re personalized! There are so many hair types out there that using just a generic all purpose shampoo or conditioner might not be the best for your hair. 🙂

  29. I like that they only send high quality products!

  30. I like that it’s personalized. It makes things so much easier!

  31. I like that they offer free shipping to the continental us.

  32. I like that it’s personalized for your hair.

  33. vickie couturier says:

    I like this
    After choosing a plan you will be directed to build your Shtrands profile by completing a short questionnaire.

  34. I like how they are personalized. This is so great. Thank you very much!

  35. Cindy Peterson says:

    I like they have a variety of products that can fine tune a regiment that is tailored just for my unique needs.

  36. Mary Gardner says:

    I like that at any time during the subscription, you can choose to receive the same products again or to receive something new.

  37. Samantha B. says:

    One thing I like is they send SO much product! 4 items in a two month supply is huge!!

  38. Alison King says:

    I like that all the products are hand picked by certified hairstylists and chemists.

  39. Bryan Vice says:

    Would love to win for my wife she means so much to me and our kids i would love to be able to spoil her! thank yoiu for opportunity

  40. I really like that they personalize it. Sometimes the product isle can get very confusing.

  41. Michelle Castagne says:

    I like that the products are personalized to you since not all hair is the same.

  42. I like that they use high quality hair care products that are personalized.

  43. I love that the products are personalized for MY hair.

  44. Lisa Williams says:

    I love that the products are personalized for my hair needs so I will get the best hair care possible and get great results.

  45. I love that you can customize it your specific hair needs.

  46. tat2gurlzrock says:

    I like that products that are tailored for you, partnered with hair care directions to ensure maximum benefits.

  47. I like that there are different subscription options so you can always have beneficial products for your hair.

  48. I like that each regimen is unique to each customer’s needs, What a great way to try new products. Thank you!

  49. This product is just what my hair needs.

  50. I really like how its personalized just for you. Peoples hair is different and you are not stuck with purchasing just whats in the store that everyone else is buying.

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