Tips To Make Winter Driving Safer

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Driving in the wintertime can be frightening! I remember one time I was driving in the snow and ice, home from work and I did a complete 360 in the middle of an intersection. I was SO lucky that no  one hit me and that I did not hit anyone. So so so scary and I will never forget it!

Because of that experience and a few others (sigh), I try to stay off the roads unless I absolutely have to go somewhere. It is just not worth it to me.


Of course there are times when you HAVE to drive in the snow and ice. It is best to be prepared for those times. I put together a list of tips to make winter driving safer, so listen up and take notes!

1.Make sure you carry an emergency kit in your car that includes kitty litter. The kitty litter can help get your car unstuck in icy situations.

2.Make sure your tires are ready for the colder, snowy and icy weather. Make sure they are in good condition and make sure the tire pressure is where it should be.

Tips To Make Winter Driving Safer

3.Cold weather can really be harsh on your car battery. Make sure it is good to go by visiting your local mechanic and having him check your battery to make sure it has the right voltage.

4.Make sure you have AAA or some sort of roadside assistance. Nothing is worse then breaking down and not having a go-to person to call for help. I highly recommend signing up for roadside assistance!


Being prepared for the worst kind of weather, is just the beginning of being safe while driving in the snow and ice. Don’t go out there unprepared!

What Things Do You Do, To Prepare For Winter Driving?


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