Good driving habits start with Cooper Tires

*Tires were received. Opinions are my own.

I am trying very hard to instill good driving habits so that my children, who are constantly watching what I do, know that good driving habits are very important! When my children start driving, I want them to already know the basics of safe driving.

Good driving habits start with Cooper Tires

With that said, safe driving starts with the basics, we all know that. Like a good running vehicle with working seatbelts, lights and blinkers that work, etc. Those are things that should always be working. More importantly are the tires you choose for your vehicle. You should have good tires, with lots of tread and traction.


Open Road with Cooper Tires

I remember driving a vehicle when I was about 18 years old. The tires were SO bald that the wires were hanging out, but my dad would not buy new ones because he wanted to make sure that those tires were used up good. My dad is a HUGE penny pincher, sigh. So, on my way to work one morning it was raining really hard. I was just starting to go through a green light and in a huge intersection. As I was starting to put the gas on, the car did a complete 360 in the intersection and skidding across the road then stopped. Thank God I did not hit anyone and no one hit me. I was absolutely shaken and SO scared. I ended up going home, I was so scared.

So, having GOOD tires with tread is SO important. My dad knows that know, but goodness, his daughter (me!) could have been killed because he wanted to save some dinero. ๐Ÿ™

Bald Tires

Now that I am older, I DO realize that good tires cost money, so I kind of get what my dad felt. Tires are expensive but necessary. I think of good tires like needing food or water. Because really, if you think about it, tires are IMPORTANT.

My hubby drives about an hour to work and an hour home from work, so he using our vehicle a lot. The tires on our bronco were not good. We were so scared that they would pop at any time. We had to shop in our small town, where prices are higher, for food and necessities. We were trying to save for tires, but things kept coming up that needing our money, like our house payment and heat. Ugh. We were really in a hard place!

Cooper Tires Are The Best

We have always liked Cooper Tires and found some tires that would be great for our Bronco. When we got these tires in the mail, it was a VERY good day for us! My hubby immediately took the tires and got them mounted onto wheels. Then he picked up the tires and put them on our Bronco! We were just so happy and thankful we had new tires on our vehicle!!!!

Cooper Tires

We all piled into the Bronco and went into the mountains to go sledding and just drive! It was SO nice to go somewhere and know that our tires would not pop or get us in a wreck. These tires are so nice and drive through snow SO good. They are tough tires and can handle the roughest terrain and snow. They are truly great tires and now we have tires we can trust and feel safe with!

Driving in the snow

The Cooper Tire website is easy to navigate and makes finding tires for your vehicle, so simple. You can enter the year of your vehicle, make and model into their Tire Navigator and they will handpick tires for you.

We put the Discoverer S/T MAXX tires on our Bronco. These tires feature Cooper’s proven and reliable 3-ply “Armor-Tek3” carcass construction that is combined with a new, proprietary cut and chip resistant tread compound. In other words, these tires are durable and STRONG!

Cooper Tires

With that strong combination, along with its modern hybrid 4-5 rib tread design and unique tread features, the S/T MAXX will perform in the toughest terrains while also retaining on-road traction, stability, and low noise. These tires can drive through snow, rocks, and any rough terrain. We put it to the test in the mountains and they did so well!

Find A Retailer In Your Area

If you are searching for good tires, I recommend Cooper Tires. You can visit Cooper Tires online and find a retailer in your area.

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  1. laurie murley says:

    I think new tires on a vehicle makes all the difference in how it operates

  2. I would definitely want good tires all the time while driving. I do not want to worry about flats especially that I drive to work early in the morning.

  3. We get around in our 4 wheel drive pick up you need one where i live We do have cooper tires but really need new ones

  4. Dana MATTHEWS says:

    Bless your heart! I can imagine you were terrified. I’ve never bought the Cooper brand but I do believe in buying a good brand. A few dollars extra is worth a life.

  5. This the season for great tires

  6. These tires sound great! Safe driving in the snow! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. My hubby needs new tires for his car. He drives the truck primarily but as a back up, our putt putt is leaning because of a slow leak!

  8. My husband is really good about keeping an eye on our tires (and the treads). I’m happy to see Cooper tires are available at Sears Auto. That’s where we usually go for tires.

  9. Emily Ann Benzing says:

    My boyfriend would love/need cooper tires. Good driving habits are important. I do not personally drive, but it’s important to me because everyone else I know does.

  10. I agree, good tires are sooo important not only for you and your occupants but also for those driving around you. I’m so afraid to drive in the snow only because of other drivers. Thanks for sharing this very informative article.

  11. Good tires are so important to stay safe on the road. These definitely look like they get great traction.

  12. Catherine Lewis says:

    The thing I would like to see for safety on the road is a ban on cell phones in cars.

  13. I always tell my son to check his tires.

  14. i need new tires soon. I am going to have to check out their site.

  15. tat2gurlzrock says:

    Cooper makes great tires. I have been a fan of theirs for a long time. We are due for a new set too!

  16. Julie Lundstrom says:

    I like how the tires handle on the snow. We have a lot of snow here in our winters..

  17. The proper tires are crucial! We had snow tires put on this year and are so glad we did!

  18. We have been glad that we had new tires put on this year with the driving conditions this winter.

  19. vickie couturier says:

    in TN the winter isnt as bad as up in VT..where it is vital to have winter tires,,i still cant drive in the winter up there

  20. Having good tires is so important! I was in a rollover accident caused by poor traction.

  21. Sarah Hayes says:

    having good tires makes a huge difference. we have a lot of snow on the ground right now so thankfully our tires are doing well in all of it.

  22. Angela Williams says:

    Very true about being a role model to our children as safe drivers and maintaining safe tires and other issues. We always make sure we have safe tires especially in the Winter snow.

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