Recipes That Will Please A Crowd!

I have had my fair share of delicious food in my life. I have also baked and cooked some really good dishes. I often find myself searching MY site for recipes that will please a crowd. I have so many recipes that were SO delicious, just buried in my site.

I wanted to pull out my favorite recipes from my blog and share them with you in hopes that I will help you out with dinner. I know cooking dinner every day can be tiresome and I simply run out of ideas. On those days, I search my blog! Nothing like going back to my blog for some yummy ideas for dinner :)

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This is another favorite of mine! If you LOVE spicy food, you will LOVE these! These Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Sweet And Spicy Poppers Appetizers are great for when family and friends come over! Grab the recipe here!

bacon wrapped jalapeno pepper

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  1. These all look sooo yummy


    What a great assortment! Something for everyone!

  3. The orange chicken and rice, yum! My favorite!

  4. Ashley Keinath says:

    Those cabbage rolls look so good!

  5. Darcy Koch says:

    Always looking for new ideas for recipes. I like to serve a big variety of meals.

  6. These all sound yummy! I would like to try the Cabbage Rolls!

  7. Casandra LaMonaca says:

    The grilled chicken feta burger sounds delish!

  8. I love finding new recipes!

  9. Alisa Christianson says:

    Orange chicken and rice is my favorite!! I’ll have to try your recipe!

  10. Lots of yummy recipes to try out!! Always looking for new things to make.

  11. Miracle Layman says:

    I don’t think you can ever go wrong with orange chicken!!! Now I want Chinese lol

  12. The egg rolls look tasty. I’ll have to try them!

  13. Would love to try these soon!

  14. Those made me hungry, now I have to go eat lol

  15. Daisy Navarrete says:

    Lots of yummy recipes! I want to try the Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Sweet And Spicy Poppers Appetizers! Look delicious!!

  16. Collette Kay Thomas says:

    I have seen the ball play nest before online and would love to have one, they would give my youngest a place to play with out sisters getting in her space.

  17. Victoria Scott says:

    I make a lot of Asian inspired dishes too! Makes me feel like a good cook when I pull it off! Yours look yummy!

  18. They all look good I want to try the cabbage rolls I have already tried the meat loaf and my family loved it Thanks Kim

  19. Those recipes look so delicious!! Thanks for sharing!

  20. oh my,those look so good

  21. The home made egg rolls with beef sound so good. I’ve got to give that one a try. I don’t care for sausage but with beef I would love it I’m sure.

  22. Angela Ingles says:

    I want to try the orange chicken and rice! Yum!

  23. tat2gurlzrock says:

    These all look so good! I MUST make the cabbage rolls and meatloaf soon!

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