Tips On How To Stay Awake While Traveling

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Traveling can be so much fun! When we started our journey last March (can’t believe it has been almost one year!), to Idaho, we had NO clue how long it would take to get to our new home. We started traveling later in the day and traveled all the way through from Kelso, Washington to Moore, Idaho. Talk about BORING.

I traveled with our three kids and pulled a small trailer. I had never pulled a trailer before, so that made me very nervous. Plus, traveling 12 hours (make that 15 with the kids/pit stops), I was a nervous wreck! I was wishing I had a nice vehicle from Patrick Land Rover Of Naperville, to drive!

We finally arrived at our new home (which we had NEVER seen in person mind you all…), at around 2 am. We were SO tired and I was extremely overwhelmed and emotional.

The worst part of all of this traveling? Was the last 3 hours of traveling. My kids were sleeping and I was about to fall asleep. Driving non-stop with a few breaks in between was getting to me, big time.

I found some ways to keep me focused and awake. They really did help me. I never thought I would be driving that far, so believe me when I say, these things certainly helped me stay awake the last part of our trip!

Tips On How To Stay Awake While Traveling

Tips On How To Stay Awake While Traveling


*Keep your window cracked or halfway down. The cool air on my face allowed me to feel more awake and aware of my surroundings. I had to pay close attention to wildlife!




*Chew gum or eat candy. Not kidding you. Once the kids fell asleep, it was safe for me to pull out my gum and candy! That helped keep my mouth busy and my mind clear and on what I was doing.

Listen to the car radio

*Music. If you like music, turn it on. I HAD to have music on at all times or I would have lost it. First, the music drowned out my kids fighting in the back seat. Then, once my kids were asleep, it helped to keep me sane and awake. I cranked it up a bit more when I started feeling really tired. I also listened to hard rock, no country here! I would have fallen asleep! Gah.

baby in bucket crying

*If you are traveling with a baby, pinch their leg. Wake them up and allow them to scream. My 3-year-old SCREAMED for a good three hours when we were traveling. It certainly had me on my toes and kept me from being anywhere near tired. Oh, it was horrible, but hey, we made it here safely…. (I was kidding about pinching your baby, btw..).

*Slap yourself in the face, HARD. Seriously? Ya, kind of…

How Do You Keep Yourself Awake, During  Long Travels????





  1. Jennifer H. says:

    I like playing the music to help stay awake.

  2. B alexandra says:

    The gum idea is great. I never thought of doing that.

  3. I like to ride with the music blaring if I am a bit tired as well as have the window down if its a bit cooler. Hubby and I also take turns driving while the other sleeps which is very helpful and we’ve also stopped at rest stops to take a catnap. But if I am really really tired, we will stop at a hotel for the night, no way we want to take chances with having an accident on the road.

  4. I have found myself in this situation once or twice, and I don’t enjoy it or think it’s safe.

  5. singing along with music helps me!

  6. I think chewing gum is a great idea and I do that when I am tired and have to drive. Also peppermint candy helps me to stay awake too.

  7. When flying, I typically make it a point to try and sleep. During a road trip, I am never the person driving, but I drink coffee and stay awake to keep the kids in line.

  8. Lots of coffee and music

  9. Melissa Storms says:

    Cracking the drivers side window definitely helps me. I also make sure I keep checking my rear view mirror regularly, it keeps me awake and aware.

  10. Dana MATTHEWS says:

    On a long trip I do several things. I crack the window, turn up the radio, chew gum, eat snacks but the most important thing I do is drink water! It seems to keep me going.

  11. Tammy Catterton says:

    I have to say great tips I do open my wondow while traveling at time it helps

  12. Victoria Scott says:

    Chewing gum really works! Or pulling over at a rest stop and walking around the car for a second help too!

  13. Gum and music help me stay awake also.

  14. I drink coffee.
    Lots and lots of coffee.
    Not really to stay awake, I just love coffee.
    But the staying awake part is a plus.
    (but more restroom breaks)

  15. I’ve done the rolling down the window a lot.

  16. I do early morning driving and let my husband do the nighttime because I am not good at staying awake at night.

  17. Jeani Brickner says:

    LOL, I stay awake by getting enough sleep each night. We used to drive and drive and drive like mad when we were younger and kidless, but not anymore. Now we plan 8-10 hours of totally interrupted drive-time and a good night’s sleep.

  18. Elizabeth Balesteri says:

    Soooo cute! I love your post

  19. I don’t turn the heat on when it’s cold if I’m trying to stay awake. The heat always makes me sleepy!

  20. I don’t do any of the driving, I just sleep lol.

  21. I always have the window open, even when it’s freezing outside. You can’t fall asleep if your body is shivering! lol

  22. (Tips On How To Stay Awake While Traveling) My husband does the driving most of the time when we go on trips. I read a book most of the time.

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