5 Ways To Channel Your Psychic Abilities

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I am not sure if you ever read my post titled “Have You Ever Had a Psychic Reading Done?“, but it was a doozy. I was blown away by the accuracy of the psychic and am forever a believer now.

Don’t get me wrong, I have always believed in psychics, always. I have always felt a connection with psychics and what they do. Not really sure what that means, but EVERYONE has these abilities, you just have to channel your psychic abilities and become more in tune with yourself and your body.

Of course, I had to do some research on the subject. I knew I was/am feeling something. I always have intuition and intuition is a big part of psychic abilities. You can sense when something is not right when something bad might happen and so on. That is a part of it! I thought that was pretty neat.

There are many other ways to channel your psychic abilities if you want to go there. Some people think that it is so weird and they automatically think black magic or witchcraft. Well, that is not the case here. It is simply being in tune with your body, with your mind. What is wrong with that? I see nothing wrong with it.

I wanted to share 5 Ways To Channel Your Psychic Abilities. I picked the top 5 ways I thought would be easiest and most useful. If you want to channel your psychic abilities, you can start with these 5 things. Let me know if they work, what you think about them or if you practiced any of these, in the comments below.

5 Ways To Channel Your Psychic Abilities

5 Ways To Channel Your Psychic Abilities

1. Intuition. Like I mentioned above, this is a BIG part of it all. Everyone has intuition and has felt it before. Maybe you were standing next to a stranger and got a really strong bad feeling about being next to them? So, you move away quickly. Or maybe you went to someone’s house to buy something from and had a gut feeling to just leave. Those are feelings of intuition. Next time you are with someone you don’t know or going some place new, listen carefully to your gut and see what it has to say. You can easily strengthen this ability just by listening to your body.

2. Another way to channel your inner psychic abilities is to imagine you feel an energy ball in your hands. To do this, you hold your hands out in front of your body with your palms facing inwards towards each other. Then, you imagine you can feel a ball of energy between your hands. Concentrate on this and soon you will actually ‘feel’ energy in your hands. You will feel a sensation of energy. I actually did this at a friends workshop here in Idaho. It took a second for me, but soon I did feel a sensation of energy in my hands, it was amazing!

5 Ways To Channel Your Psychic Abilities

3. Achieve Clarity. This is something anyone can do, but make sure the room you are in is quiet. Sit in a comfortable spot and close your eyes. Open your whole mind to any noises, scents, etc. Slowly open your eyes and look at any changes like someone coming into a room, a breeze, etc. Be keen to them and take them in. Having a clear, engaged mind is very important. This is important because having clarity can help you start hearing messages from the beyond.

5 Ways To Channel Your Psychic Abilities

4. Write Down Your Dreams In A Journal. Have a dream journal next to your bed. Whenever you have a dream that you can remember, write it down. Did you wake up really sad? Who was in your dream? What happened in your dream? Write it all down, the minute you wake up so you can get most of it on paper. That way, your dream will be fresh in your head and you will get down some details of it. For the past two nights, I have been having vivid dreams of two of my friends I have not seen in ages. For some reason, they popped up in my dream and I don’t know why. I talk to this person on Facebook, but it is odd that I have dreamed about them the past TWO nights! It is an older truck and we are laying in the back of it. I am in trouble with my mom and my mom wants nothing to do with me anymore. Because of that, I am sad and have no place to stay. I am cold and hungry and with my two friends. They are drinking and I am not, but my mom thought I was. Anyways, weird dream and since I had it two nights in a row, it must mean something and I am going to figure it out. Dreams are so weird!

5 Ways To Channel Your Psychic Abilities

5. Guess The Future. This is kind of like a game and fun! You can even get your kids involved in this. When my hubby is outside working on something, I try to guess what exactly he was working on. I tell the kids and when he comes in, we ask him what he was doing. 8 times out of 10, I am correct. And, it is hard to guess because my hubby is busy doing a lot of different things. So when I guess correctly, I am proud of myself. I can also sense when someone is going to come over or when my family is coming home from the store. It is weird. I get a really big sense of energy or a feeling of anxiousness, soon after that feeling, it really happens!

It is really fun trying to get in touch with your psychic side. I love doing it and trying new things. These are just a few ways you can try and Channel Your Psychic Abilities.

What about you? Are you psychic? Do you have any stories you want to tell? If you do, please tell me in the comments below. I absolutely LOVE hearing about these sorts of things! I am sure everyone else would too! Do tell! 




  1. I have had strong “intuition” most of my life. That gut feeling is important to listen to and that is a great tip. The mind must be free of any chatter to hear what you need to hear- whether it is your spirit or another ‘spirit’ is spot on. thanks for sharing them because it reminds me that i need to clear my mind

  2. Rachel Lennon says:

    Iv always sensed when somthing bad is going happen. Iv been having visions at night before I go to sleep but I dont know what they mean. I can sense vibes of people if theh are good or bad. Can you help me understand what is happen? Thanks Rachel x

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