5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Weekend Getaway!

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Ever think ‘wow, this weekend just flew by‘ and get sad? I do this all the time! Especially when we go on a weekend getaway! It just seems to go by WAY too fast.

Of course, there is no way to slow down time or stop it, but you can certainly make the most of your weekend getaways by doing the following things!

5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Weekend Getaway

Visit the pool! If there is a pool where you are staying, go to it and RELAX! Take a ton of pictures and videos and spend quality time with your family and/or friends! Nothing slows down time more then RELAXING! I need to do more of that!

Hide the clocks! Seriously, hide them! Who needs clocks on vacation anyways. So lose them asap! I find that when I don’t have clocks ticking around me, I relax more and my time seems to go by slower. Try it!

Put away the electronics! Nothing in the world sucks time more than being on the internet! I know this firsthand! Put those electronics away and shut off that internet!

Take your time and have fun, when traveling! I know you only have the weekend, but make sure you DON’T plan anything and just go! The more you plan the faster time seems to slip by!

Stay up later and get up earlier! Hey, it is a vacation, so enjoy EVERY waking moment of it! Don’t let time get away, use it to your advantage!

Another great way to lose track of time and relax is to cruise down the highway in a fun car like the ones you can find on Kayser Ford! Enjoy your weekends!

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  1. lol You got us on this one! So very true though. You can spend a weekend on vacation in your own home town by checking out places you have never been or revisiting some you havent been too in a long time. My husband only gets every other weekend off so we spend quite a bit of time at home so he can relax but when we are ready to venture out, we usually head over to the city (were in the backwoods, lol) or just to our own little town to spend time together.

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