Help Influence the Future Of Contraception & Family Planning Services

*This is a sponsored post. I received a promotional item from C Space as a thank you for participating.

Do you want to help influence the future of contraception and family planning services? Now you can! See if you qualify, to join a private, online community of women. Read more, below!

In order to support the development of better contraception/family planning services, C-Space has created a private online community of women who wish to share their voice and opinions. 

Within the One Woman to Another community women will be able to confidentially share their experiences, connect with one another, and participate in market research activities.

Influence the Future Of Contraception & Family Planning

What to Expect: 

·         Fast and Easy As a member, you can expect to spend 10 to 15 minutes online per week contributing to various community activities.

·         Influence – Your voice is powerful! Help us understand your experiences, challenges, successes and unmet needs. Members will express their insights through surveys, discussions, quick polls and other online interactive activities to help inform decision makers in the healthcare industry who are working to ensure the relevancy of future programs, services, and products.

·         Learn New Things – Anonymously connect and collaborate with other women like yourself.

Privacy Note: Your personal and identifying information will be kept confidential and is NOT shared with the sponsor or anyone else – this is true for your completion of this brief qualifying survey as well as for your participation within the community. Your identity and contributions on the community site will be completely anonymous. This isn’t a clinical trial. It is anonymous, healthcare market research.

Membership is by invitation only and spots are filling up fast for the One Woman to Another community, so take this quick survey today to see if you qualify:

Good luck!

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