Delectables Are The First Lickable Stew Treat for Dogs!

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Since adopting two dogs last year our lives have been much different! Our dogs are so fun and playful and we wouldn’t trade them for anything (except for the days when I catch them chewing up my mail or getting into the trash cans..), they are too sweet.

We try to feed our dogs only the best so they can be strong and grow up to be healthy. There is a new product out for dogs, called Delectables. Delectables are The First Lickable Stew Treat for Dogs. We decided to add this to our dogs daily food and they love it. It is such a treat for them!

Delectables Are The First Lickable Stew Treat for Dogs!

You can give Delectables to them by itself (my dogs LOVE it this way) or you can put it on top of their regular dog food to give it a more yummy taste! My dogs also love it that way too.

This is ideal as an in-between meal treat or as a savory topper for dry food. The Delectables Stew Lickable Treats’ comes in convenient, single-serve pouches that help provide your dogs with appealing, low-fat treats made with real chicken, beef, cheese, and vegetables, without meat by-products. It actually smells really good!

Delectables Are The First Lickable Stew Treat for Dogs!

Delectables Stew Lickable Treats are available in four varieties, including Chicken, Chicken with Cheese, Chicken with Beef and Chicken Senior Formula. A single-serve package retails at about $1.00.

Hartz® Dura Play® Tug of Fun® Dumbbell

I also wanted to quickly mention the really neat Hartz® Dura Play® Tug of Fun® Dumbbell toy! It smells like BACON!! Oh my goodness, my dogs LOVE it! I highly recommend this toy for your canines!


You can purchase the Hartz┬áDelectablesÔäó, the First Lickable Stew Treat for Dogs online at Walmart, and select retailers around the country!

Sweepstakes Time!

You are invited to share photos or videos of how your dogs lick up Delectables during the Delectables “Tongue Out Tuesday” sweepstakes with the hashtag #LickItLoveIt to participate in weekly drawings for a chance to win Delectables Stew Lickable Treats on the company’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest! Good luck!

What Do You Think Of The New Delectables? Do You Think Your Canine Would Like It?





  1. What a cutie!

  2. crystle tellerday says:

    this would probably be good for my chihuahua

  3. vickie couturier says:

    my two dogs will eat anything that cant outrun them

  4. Victoria Scott says:

    I showed this to my sister because I don’t have a dog and she said that her dog would probably do about anything for these!

  5. Cynthia R says:

    I’ll keep an eye out for these next time I’m treat shopping, I’m sure they would love it.

  6. Yes, I know my dog will love this!

  7. This sounds so cool! My dog would like it.

  8. patty.wright says:

    I don’t have any dogs.

  9. My daughter’s dog would love these treats.

  10. I know our dog would love Delectables and the tug toy! He gets bored with his regular food day in and day out and it’s nice to be able to give him a treat every now and then. This sounds like a great way to spoil him!

  11. My son has a dog that would love these treats. It would make her a happy puppy.

  12. My dog would love to get her mouth on this!!

  13. Darcy Koch says:

    I believe my dog would like these. She does seem to favor chicken flavor. And the cost is good.

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