7 Ways To Save On Summer Travel

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I can’t believe my kids last day of school was today. Where on earth did the time go? I site here as it is snowing outside, in the middle of May. Go figure. I need the sun to come out, we all do!

Since summer break is in full swing, we are going to need to figure out fun things to do on a budget. There are many ways to save on summer travel, activities and most things. You just have to look and you will find them.

Coupon Dash is a huge resource for saving on travel you would like to do this summer. I am so glad I came across it.  Coupon Dash is a coupon website that offers discounts that are not available at other coupon sites!

From going on road trips to flying the big blue sky to a destination far away, there are plenty of ways to save on the costs. I have listed a few ways below.

7 Ways To Save On Summer Travel

7 Ways To Save On Summer Travel


Book a hotel that has breakfast and all the needed amenities. If you are traveling with family/friends, make sure to ask the hotel if they can give you a discount for the rooms since there is a group of you traveling together. Don’t forget to ask if they have ‘hotel points‘ so you can use your points for next time you stay at that hotel.

Get The Best Deals On Rental Cars! Shop around, look for coupons (Coupon Dash Has Them!) and get the best deal on a rental car for your family travels.

Save on airfare! This is a big one because it can be SO expensive to fly during the summer months as they are peak months for traveling. You have to look around and find the best deals even if that means flying coach. Who cares, as long as you get there safely and save money doing it. Don’t forget to redeem any points you have for flying!

Stay with family and friends when you travel. Make sure to make a plan and stay with friends and family along the way to your destination and back. That way, you save money and can use that money you would be spending on hotels, for other important things like souvenirs!

Check for discounts and savings in the area you are visiting by checking out the attractions, parks, and places to explore. There are always ways to save on these things, you just have to dig a bit!

You need to eat, so make sure you find coupons, discounts, and specials where you will be eating. This is a plan ahead thing to do. Search for coupons for restaurants, grocery stores or Starbucks you may be visiting along the way. Food can be SO expensive, so it is important to find ways to save while still filling those hungry bellies!

Follow the places you will be visiting (hotels, attractions, etc.), on social media. That way, you can stay up to date on all specials and fun things going on, as they happen! This is one of the best tips I have learned since I am always online anyways!

There are tons (and I mean TONS) of ways to save on summer travel. You just have to look around and find the coupons and deals that work for your family get-away! It takes a bit of planning, but trust me when I say, it is totally worth every second! Make your summer travels memorable in a good way, not by draining your bank account! Make good memories, not bad ones!

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  1. Janet M says:

    I do try to look for deals and i will check out Coupon dash.

  2. ginette4 says:

    Great post! Love learning ways to save money when I travel

  3. Christina C moore says:

    Thank you for the tips, very helpful

  4. Brenda Haines says:

    I always make sure to find all the coupons I can before our trips. Motels, rental cars and food. It makes the cost much more bearable!

  5. Lesley F says:

    We use Groupon and get great deals when we go on a trip

  6. Great info. I plan on travelling to Indonesia in few weeks and I already learned what to look for on a budget.

  7. THank you for sharing these awesome tips!

  8. Emily Adams says:

    I usually sign up for Groupon emails for the area we will be visiting to find deals on restaurants and attractions. I also try to find lodging that has a kitchennette to prepare meals,s o we save on food.

  9. going to have surgery on my knee so not too much planned for this summer,,going to a Nascar race first though

  10. Any help on saving on summer travel is appreciated! My sister travels often, I will share this info.

  11. Gabrielle says:

    Great tips. I hadn’t heard of Coupon Dash before. I’m bookmarking that site for sure!

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