GoldieBlox: Created To Inspire The Next Generation Of Innovators (Toy Giveaway!) #lookatGoldie

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*Products were received. Opinions are mine. This post includes my affiliate links. We are all innovators to some extent. We as mom are on a daily basis by finding ways to keep our kids busy or calming a baby from crying, we find ways to do this and sometimes we get super creative trying to find those solutions! GoldieBlox was created to inspire the next generation of innovators. If you have daughters, you want them to be full of self-confidence and be able to take on the world KNOWING they are good enough. Of course we want our boys to do the same, but sometimes girls worry a bit too much, I know I do! And, sometimes my worrying or thinking I can't do something, stands in my way of actually DOING something! I was so inspired by GoldieBlox. I love the story behind it and how it encourages girls to be innovative and not be afraid to build and create things. GoldieBlox is trying to  introduce basic Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) skills. STEM skills are … [Read more...]

Chella Eyebrow Color Kits for Everyday Beauty (Giveaway)


*Product was received. Opinions are mine. This post contains my affiliate link. Having sparse eye brows just plain sucks. Not sure if it is hereditary or if I just over plucked them when I was younger. My  mom does have sparse ones as do my three older sisters, so I am betting on it being hereditary. I have thought about tattooing them on, but then quickly decided not to. What if they were not tattooed on the way I wanted them to be? That would be too permanent for me.. I now just pencil them in with eye brow pencil. I try to make them look natural but ya know, not sure if they will ever look 'natural' again, sigh. Makes me VERY sad. I was sent the Chella Luscious Light Brown Eyebrow Color Kit to check out. The eyebrow pencil was a bit darker than I thought it would be, but it was still doable for me. It stayed on all day, even through sweating, so that was SO nice. It does not last long however, so that was sad for me! The brow defining gel, since I only have eyebrows at … [Read more...]

Design Your Own Jewelry with KidzCanDesign!

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*Product received. Opinions are mine. My kids love drawing and coloring. My son has actually been working on a book that he wants published too, so that is a work in progress. Being creative is one thing my kids love doing the most! I heard about the design your own jewelry before, and thought it was such a cool concept, but we never tried it before, until about a month or so ago. I had my son draw up something and we scanned the picture and sent it in to KidzCanDesign. It was SO easy to do and my son was so eager to see his jewelry come back to him, just as he had drawn it! So, in a nutshell, KidzCanDesign transforms your childs drawing, into a masterpiece they can wear! My son drew a picture of SpongeBob Square Pants, LOL. And though it took some time receiving the piece of jewelry (because they have to make it you know!), when it did arrive, it was PERFECT. It looked exactly like his drawing and my boy is SO proud of it! He opted for the dog tag necklace. Though it … [Read more...]

Caring For Your Hair In The Summertime (Giveaway)

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*Products were received. Opinions are mine. This post contains my affiliate links. During the summer, my hair just gets dry. I hate it! All that dry weather and sun can really take a toll on the mane. I usually use the oils in my hair and shampoo every other day or so, to ensure that my hair won't get too over loaded on products or whatever. To help my hair along during the summertime, I use Dove products. Dove products not only keep my hair fit and manageable, but Dove hair care products are inexpensive. I have been using some Dove products and always find them working so nicely for my hair. Check out the products I received! These are all must-have products that beat frizz, add moisture and nourishment, and provide volume and bounce for your hair! Dove Oxygen Moisture Leave In Foam ($5.99): This is an ultra light leave in treatment that keeps your hair style in place, without weighing it down. Perfect for summer outings! Dove Nourishing Oil Care Anti-Frizz Serum … [Read more...]

How To Tame Tangled Hair!


*Products were received. Opinions are mine. When my little girl wakes up in the morning, it looks like her hair has been tackled by some scary monsters! It is a tangled MESS. Of course my girl is a girly girl and she loves primping in front of the mirror. So, as soon as she wakes up, she loves brushing through her hair and putting pretty things in it. Wonder where she gets this from... To help my daughter with her tangled mane, Johnson's sent us some wonderful products and a super ADORABLE hair bow making kit!!! Now this was a fun package for my daughter to open up and a fun project for me and her to do! Hey, making bows, hair clips and hair bands together? Ya, that is so fun! We were sent the Johnson's No More Tangles Line of products. They are perfect for my daughter's, thin hair! JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES® regimen is formulated with hair conditioners that gently moisturize as they cleanse, to help hair grow. Products we were sent JOHNSON’S® NO MORE … [Read more...]

Go Back To School With Fruit of the Loom Bonus Packs! #TGIBTS (Giveaway!)

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 *I received a gift card from Fruit of the Loom in exchange for writing this blog post. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.  Ugh. Back to school, back to school BACK TO SCHOOL!!!! Yep, I know it is that time of year, I do! I certainly do not need CONSTANT reminders! Goodness! It is all over social media and blogs GALORE! And yep, I am saying it on my blog too! Yip yip!!! Here is going back to school 2014! But, it is true! Back to school is here and many kids have already started school! My kids don't start until September 3rd and I am okay with that. The longer the summer, the BETTER. Though I am looking forward to it getting darker sooner and being COMFY with colder weather. Hey, Fall is my most favorite time of year :) With back to school talk, comes reality of it looming over our family! I got two weeks left to get this in order or I am doomed! So, shopping I will go (alone) to do the rest of the school supply shopping! Hey, at least I get a break … [Read more...]