Zeusvision Affordable Outdoor Digital Advertising


Imagine being able to get your business in front of millions of people, at a very affordable price. Wealthy business people should not be the only ones who are able to advertise like this. We ALL should be able to advertise our businesses no matter how big or how small they are. My blog is my business and though I do not have a ton of money, I would certainly LOVE the chance at getting my blog/business in front of thousands of people, of course I would! Who wouldn't? With Zeusvision, it is POSSIBLE. Zeusvision Affordable Outdoor Digital Advertising What Is Zeusvision? Zeusvision digital media buses are made to deliver your message, big and bold, and in all the right places at a price that you can actually afford. The Zeusvision digital media buses help get your message out to the most influential people in the most sought after geographic locations, starting at ONLY $99. What Would You Use Zeusvision For? I would use it for my blog, Shop with Me Mama. I would love … [Read more...]

Treat Your Canines This Halloween With DIY Gifts! #TreatThePups #AD #spon


*Post sponsored by Lunchbox but all opinions are my own.  Before my Mother-in-law lost her husband and moved in with us, we were a canine-free home. We had only hamsters and a fish. When mother-in-law moved in, all of a sudden, we WERE a canine family. She raises show pugs and treats them better than she treats herself. Those little pugs are her LIFE. They are her CHILDREN. They are so spoiled, my goodness.. They are gorgeous dogs and when there are puppies, watch out!! They are ADORABLE!! Me and my kids love on those little pups, how could you not??? Then there is my brother, who recently lost his little Pomeranian doggy, who treated his dog like a child and did everything for her. She was his little princess. Her name was  Lisa Marie and she certainly could hold her own. My kids adored her! We were so sad when we learned she passed away :( So, as you can see, these furry family members play a big part in not only our lives, but that of my … [Read more...]

Bamboo Throw Blanket (Giveaway) #giftguide

bamboo blanket

*Product was received. Opinions are my own. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING says comfort like a warm, cozy and SOFT blanket! One of my favorite seasons is Fall, because you can use those warm blankets! If you ever come to my home, you will always see warm blankets EVERYWHERE! Ha. I received a wonderful soft and super cozy Bamboo Throw Blanket to check out. Oh my goodness, I LOVE it. It has been on my bed from the day it got here. I do not sleep without it! My birthday was this weekend, so it was a nice present to myself :) Thanks Cariloha Bamboo :) This Bamboo Throw has a batting in the blanket's interior core to provide a natural weight that you'd expect from a luxury blanket. Cariloha bamboo blankets are hypoallergenic and softer than cotton or cashmere throws, at a fraction of the price! Blanket Features: • Dimensions: 50" x 70" • Ribbon: Tone-on-Tone satin ribbon ties each blanket in square. • Made from 50% Bamboo, 50% Polyester • Machine wash cold, tumble dry … [Read more...]

PeachDish: Fresh Ingredients Shipped To Your Door! (Giveaway)


*Product was received. Opinions are my own. I am probably one of the few who enjoys going grocery shopping. I actually like going with the whole family and going shopping! But the times I am unable to go, I wish for someone to bring the ingredients to ME. There are a few services that do this, but one I recently used is called PeachDish. PeachDish is a national southern inspired meal kit delivery service that was only founded in 2013. So, it is pretty new! Since then, PeachDish has launched multiple weekly menus, vegetarian recipes and of course, their new website! Each week, PeachDish delivers the freshest, seasonal ingredients from small farms and purveyors (organic whenever possible) along with recipes developed by Southern chefs to homes around the nation. Shopping for and measuring ingredients is taken care of so customers get to prep and cook, eat and enjoy. It is totally simple! I received two meals that served two people each, but they ended up being big enough for … [Read more...]

The gingerbread collection by tommee tippee


*This is a partnered post. Opinions are my own. I am loving the cute collections that tommee tippee comes out with all the time. The newest one that caught my eye is the Gingerbread Collection! SO. CUTE. I am sure you all know the story of the gingerbread man, don't you? It is a super cute fairy tale! The Gingerbread Collection by tommee tippee is a limited edition collection of essential baby products decorated so that they bring to life that magical fairy tale world where the gingerbread people live! Such an adorable collection for your little ones!  The cute designs feature pretty scenes of seasonal festivities, pretty gingerbread houses, delicate snowflakes and stockings brimming with presents, ready for the holiday season! Really gets me in the mood for the holidays and it will surely do the same for you! Another thing I love? When you visit the tommee tippee site for the Gingerbread Collection, it brings you to a page where you will see the Gingerbread Man … [Read more...]

Our LISTERINE Heroic Habits #Sponsored #MC


I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for LISTERINE. I received samples for this review and a promotional item to thank me for participating So, for the last several weeks, me and my family have been using the LISTERINE products that we received. We were trying to floss more often. Well, I was trying to get my kids to floss daily as opposed to every other day. Me, I already did this. I just wanted to use mouthwash more as I was not doing that daily. How did we do? I think we did pretty good! My kids ended up missing a day of flossing but they now have a new habit of flossing  DAILY!!! Me? I am using mouthwash MORE! So, I say it was a success! The floss was something my kids really wanted to do more so it was not hard to get them on the right path to flossing daily. They liked being able to get their own dental floss and they enjoyed watching each other floss, in the mirror. They also loved using the LISTERINE mouthwashes that we … [Read more...]