Daysy Fertility Monitor: Natural Fertility Management

Congrats to Angela Winesburg If you have been following my blog, I am sure you know by now, my story about TTC (trying to conceive, losses and more). Now that I am 40 and not ‘planning‘ on anymore children, I wanted to pass this great giveaway on to you all, that are still trying to conceive […]

The Stork: Helping Couples Conceive #TheStork

*This post is sponsored by The Motherhood and The Stork. All opinions are my own.  Approximately 7.3 Million Couples In The U.S. Have Difficulty Conceiving. Wow. That is ONE in SIX couples! Crazy to think about :/ But I know it all too well! It took me almost 3 years to conceive my third baby. It […]

FertilAid for Women and Men Trying To Conceive #TTC

I know when I was trying to conceive, I had a lot of problems. It took me about 3 years to get the littlest one I have now. It was SO hard and draining, sad, crazy, depressing and I was a mess!! Every month when my pregnancy tests came back negative I was just broken […]

OvaCue Fertility Monitor

*NO product was received. This post includes my affiliate link. Now, every one of you who read my blog on a regular basis (and are not just here for those giveaways..), know that I hold trying to conceive and all the hardships that come with it, near and dear to my heart. Most of you […]

Philips AVENT Single Electric Comfort Breast Pump

*product received. All opinions are mine. This post has an affiliate link. I have ALWAYS had to pump with all of my kids. Due to circumstances, I pump EXCLUSIVELY on the right breast and breastfeed exclusively on the left. I do one feeding on the left breast, then on the next feeding, I will do […]

The Doctor is In: Post-Partum Recovery Tips

*Product received. All opinions mine. Did you know that May is National Pregnancy Awareness Month? It is! If you are a loyal reader of my blog, then you know of all of my trials I went through, trying to conceive our third child. When I did find out I was pregnant again and knew it was […]

Have You Ever Had a Psychic Reading Done? (My True Story!)

*Affiliate links included  Have any of you ever had a psychic reading done?? I ask this because I totally believe in that kind of stuff and yes, I have had several done before! I love a good, free psychic reading! Before I got pregnant with my newest little one, you all know I had a VERY […]

Express Yourself: Moms who want to give breastfeeding a try

*This is a guest post If you want to express breast milk but are not sure how or what to use, then here is a quick guide to expressing milk to make this process a little clearer for first time Moms, or Moms who want to give breastfeeding a try.   As you know, breastfeeding […]

Introducing My Baby: Kellan Dax

Finally, I am able to post this! What a whirl wind of two weeks! As I type this, baby is crying, so I need to go nurse.. sigh. My boy nurses lately, 24/7 and only likes to sleep on his mama. I am enjoying every minute as he is our last!  Birth Story: First, I […]

Think I Might Be In Labor! (My Baby Is HERE!!)

Had to prepare this post, for “just in case”! Yep, thinking the little one is making his/her appearance shortly… So, if I am not around, this is why! Forgot how scary/exciting/ tearful this can be!! Wish me luck 🙂 I will update when I can..  Kim Udated: My baby came on Saturday morning at 1:40 […]