Infertility… Am I headed down that road? Yes, I have two little babies, and I am so thankful for them, so very thankful. We would like to add a third baby to this family though. We have been trying for 11 months now, to no avail. I have never had a problem with conceiving before, […]

Ovulation Takes Place On Camera! Trying to Conceive And More!

Warning: Might make some sick to look at, but, this is what our female bodies do, so amazing! I recently came across this VERY cool picture of a human egg coming out of the the ovary. I thought this was truly amazing to actually be able to see it and see it clearly! Take a […]

Are You Pregnant? Free Online Pregnancy Test!

Free Online Pregnancy Test–Take it NOW! ENJOY, LOL 🙂

Duffle Your Bag Review

CONTEST IS OVER! THANKS TO ALL WHO ENTERED!!! CONGRATS TO CHRISTIE, COMMENT #130!!!!   Becoming pregnant is such a wonderful experience, from the moment you find out till when you meet this new little bundle of joy. Preparing for the baby can be trying and sometimes just plain tiring! Especially when you have to prepare […]

Psi Bands for Relief of Nausea

Psi Bands, Breathe a “Psi” of Relief! Psi Bands for Relief of Nausea I was looking through the internet and I came across this great product called “Psi Bands“. If only I had found these when I was pregnant! But, good thing! They are not only for pregnant Mama’s with morning sickness, but for any kind […]

The Day My Daughter Was Almost Taken From Me…

This is a story I have been meaning to share, but have never had the time to actually sit down and write it, until last night. Every Mama should read it and share it with your Mama friends. This is the story about The Day My Daughter Was Almost Taken From Me… I cannot make this […]