Duffle Your Bag Review

CONTEST IS OVER! THANKS TO ALL WHO ENTERED!!! CONGRATS TO CHRISTIE, COMMENT #130!!!!   Becoming pregnant is such a wonderful experience, from the moment you find out till when you meet this new little bundle of joy. Preparing for the baby can be trying and sometimes just plain tiring! Especially when you have to prepare […]

Make Your Own Lip Balm and Hand Lotion Review!

I absolutely love the idea of making my own lotions or lip balms. So I was so excited when I was able to review a Make your own Lip Balm and Hand lotion kit!!! This product is from the SKS Home Website, where they have these Make Your Own kits and more! I received it […]

Mommy Makeup Review

  All Moms know, that when it comes to “Me” time, that really does not exist anymore. The days when primping in front of the mirror, giving yourself a manicure or simply putting on some blush and mascara, is just not happening’ everyday anymore.. sigh.. We still love to look our best, I know I […]

B & B Creations B.I.B.

  B & B Creations (taken off their site): has an expanding line of Attachment Parenting & Natural Living Advocacy Wear (breastfeeding, baby wearing, co-sleeping, cloth diapering, positive/gentle discipline, tree hugging, etc..).. she makes cloth diapers and covers, but prefers the relaxation of knitting covers/shorts/pants. But the cream of the crop is The B.I.B.’s! These […]

iCandy Soaps Review

  Everyone I think, loves soaps, right? But, wouldn’t it be even more special to send someone some wonderful soaps as a gift that was personalized by YOU? That is where icandy Soaps comes into the picture. Custom soaps that YOU design! It is also a unique and new, wonderful way to advertise your business! […]

ReSnackit Review

  Have you ever packed your children’s lunch and ran out of sandwich bags in the middle of making it? I know that happens a lot, and it can be so frustrating! Not only does it cost money for those plastic baggies, but they are also not good for our environment. I was contacted by […]

Skin Free Review

  I was contacted by Skin Free to do a review, which I gladly accepted. I love great products that are good for your skin. Skin Free is great for (taken off their site): Recommended for individuals with: Extreme Dry Skin Skin or Fragrance Allergies Psoriasis Dermatitis Eczema Pregnant Moms Babies The Elderly Diabetics Renal […]

Pevonia Botanica Skin Care Review

  You know me by now and you have to know that I absolutely love my beauty products! I get so excited when I get something new to try on my skin! So when I received my Pevonia Botanica in the mail, I was real excited to try it out! I got the Self-Tanning Emulsion, […]

Grow Green Baby Review

    I know we all are leaning towards more eco-friendly products, now more than ever. They are not only better for us but better for our environment. So, when I come across these products, I love to share with my viewers! The site that I came across is called “Grow Green Baby” and is […]

We Love Colors Tights Review

Now, if you love to wear bold, fun colors and love tights, then read on! We Love Colors is a really cute website with colorful tights for the whole family! Yep, even for the guys ๐Ÿ˜‰ We Love Colors has so many colors to choose from 45 solid colors to over 13 unique splash colors, […]