ISO Beauty Mini Flat Iron Review

  I had the opportunity to review a flat iron from ISO International. The flat iron I received was the ISO Mini Flat Iron. It is so small and tiny! My first thoughts were, “Ya right!” I did not believe it would do a thing for my THICK hair. So, the next day, I put […]

GeneSphere Anti-Wrinkle Cream Review

  I recently had the opportunity to try out a product called GeneSphere, an Anti-Wrinkle cream. My first thoughts on this product, was “would this really work on my face?” I don’t have a lot of wrinkles, I am only 35, but I do have some little laugh lines, that I wish were not there! […]

eShakti Women’s Clothing Review

  I absolutely love new clothes, what Mama doesn’t? I came across a wonderful site called eShakti and LOVED all of their adorable clothes, styles and looks. I contacted eShakti and they agreed to allow me to review a product for them!   I had to go onto their site and put in my exact […]

Good For You Girls Skin Care Review, Coupon Code

came across a wonderful skin care product line called “Good for You Girls” and thought, what a neat skin care line! I contacted the company and asked if I could review a product and they said yes. I received the The Complete Skin Care Kit. The kit contains Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer. Products in this […]

Tiger’s Milk-A Wonderful Halloween or Everyday Treat

  With Halloween rapidly approaching, it is nice to have other options to hand out to your little trick-or-treat, other than the candy. So when I was contacted by Schiff Nutrition, the maker ofTiger’s Milk bars, to review their bars for them I was more than thrilled! I was sent a few delicious Tiger’s Milk […]

We Take The Cake Review

  Oh I am in love! I recently had the opportunity to try out a wonderfully delicious Carrot Cake from We Take The Cake. It arrived packaged perfectly, in dry ice and still frozen! I let it sit in the fridge and thaw out a bit, but could not wait long, I had to indulge! […]

Daddy Scrubs Review

This is a really neat idea. You know, when a Mama is pregnant and goes into the hospital to have that precious baby, Dad is usually kind of left out! So, Daddy Scrubs came up with a way to involve Dad a bit more and make him feel more a part of this whole wonderful […]

Kalencom Diaper Bag Review

Carrying a diaper bag and a purse, now adays, is not something I want to do, especially when I have two young kids to look after. I just one one convenient bag to hold everything and yet somehow, still be fashionable! So I was very excited to come across Kalencom Diaper Bags. Oh, they are […]

Happy Green Bee Organic Kids Clothing and Organic Baby Clothing Review

  Happy Green Bee Organic Kids Clothing and Organic Baby Clothing is so fun! It is silly, comfy and just plain cute! I was sent a pair of the really cute Radish and Bean Leggings. They are a bit big on my daughter, but I was thinking around Christmas time, since they are red and […]

Bebe Dulce Review, Coupon Code

  Unique, handmade baby gifts! Oh, I LOVE the items I was sent to review for Bebe Dulce, oh I love them! I was not expecting what I received, that is for sure. What I received was an absolutely adorable white t-shirt hand designed with my daughters name on it and flowers. Oh, the quality […]