Soft Baked belVita Breakfast Biscuits: #MorningWin Swag Shop


*This is a partnered post with belVita, opinions are mine. When I wake up in the morning and am off to a great start, I feel GOOD. That means no fighting with kids on clothes to wear to school, or stepping on a toy left out the night before. It also means no spilling my coffee before it gets to my lips and, well, you get the picture!   We enjoy starting our morning off on the right foot by devouring the delicious belVita Breakfast Biscuits! They are not only super good, but they are nutritious too! The kids think they are eating a cookie! Every parent wants a smooth sailing morning! Whatever your #MorningWin is, belVita is here to celebrate it with you! Yay! Soft Baked belVita Breakfast Biscuits is pleased to announce the opening of the #MorningWin Swag Shop, an online shop where your #MorningWin tweets can be used for cool swag! Now that sounds like a good way to start off a day, doesn't it?!? How to Enter for a Chance to Win Some Swag: *Log on to … [Read more...]

Midnight Moms Twitter Party #JOHNSONSBaby #BedtimeForBaby


Having little ones can really wreak havoc on a good night sleep or any sleep for that matter. I know for me and my kids, we are up and down and all around, each night. It gets exhausting! My baby boy is a better sleeper than my two older ones, but, some nights he is SO wiggly I want to run away! I love it when he actually sleeps the whole night away, because that means I can relax (a little bit!). The bigger kids are big enough to handle themselves, unless of course they need me, then I am there for them! JOHNSON’S ® Baby has developed the only bedtime routine clinically proven to help babies and toddlers fall asleep faster, which works along with help from their BEDTIME™ washes and lotions. They actually analyzed the sleep patterns of more than 80,000 babies to find this out, so I trust that! Details!! Wednesday, Sept. 17, at 11:59 p.m. ET (11 p.m. CT / 9 p.m. PT) Join us for a "Midnight Moms" Twitter Party for tips & tricks on bedtime rituals, useful videos on baby … [Read more...]

Say Hello To Monster High’s Newest Students!


It is a new year at Monster High and with a new year, comes new students! You gotta meet the new Ghouls!!! The Freaky Fusion ghouls are, Clawvenus™, Cleolei™, Dracubecca™ and Lagoonafire™! In case you have not heard yet, the Monster High Freaky Fusion ghouls go deep into the catacombs of Monster High to help Frankie look for some clues, her past holds many! She needs to learn more about her family 'scaritage'. When they ghouls do this, they accidentally set off a time machine that takes them all back to the year 1814 where they meet 'Sparky' who is a misguided teen scientist who is obsessed with the creation of life! Sparky follows Frankie back to the present day, Monster High which causes a lab accident in which eight ghouls fuse into four new monsters! Oh my! To get all the latest Freaky Fusion ghouls you need to visit! Who Are These New Ghouls? Clawvenus™: She is made up of Clawdeen Wolf® and Venus Mc Flytrap®!  Clawvenus™ is fiercely "fusionable" and … [Read more...]

Baby’s First Book Blocks (Review & Giveaway)

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*Product was received. Opinions are mine. When you have a little one, it is important to let them just play. I try not to interrupt when my little boy is playing by himself as it helps him learn! I have found that things with lots of color and patterns, tend to keep him busy over single colored items and no patterns. With Baby's First Book Blocks, my boy can sit for a good 15 minutes by himself (hey that is long for a 20 month old!) and just open and close the little block books, stacking them up, making them fall down and just looking at all of the neat colors, shapes and patterns in and on these book blocks! They are really cool. Baby's First Book Blocks is a fun series of mini board books. They are designed to help babies focus and develop their visual activity. With just a few minutes each day, looking at and exploring the shapes and colors found on and in these books, helps little ones develop their visual skills and it is also a great time for mom or dad to get … [Read more...]

Back To School Memories With Staples


Last month we were feverishly trying to prepare for the back to school year. We purchased the clothes, supplies and all the necessities that go with going back to school. We also tried going to bed earlier, to prepare for the longer days ahead. It is not easy-going from summer routines, to back to school/fall routines. It takes time and work! My kids still want to stay up and have those fun 'movies madness' nights. But, those are now reserved for the weekends! I still cannot believe I have a first and third grader. Where has the time gone? Where have my babies gone? It makes me so sad to see their first day of school (kindergarten) pictures. They were SO little and baby-ish still. Melts my heart into bits and pieces and sometimes I cry when I look at how little they once were! I wish I could hold onto the forever and have them stay so little forever, always wanting and NEEDING their mama and no one else! But, I know that will not happen, well hopefully the ALWAYS needing … [Read more...]

Pop Out Pets Giveaway!

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*Product received, opinions are mine. Products that have different things to them or products that entertain with different things going on are the way to go. Lately I have seen more and more products on the market that are so versatile! From gadgets to toys, it is really cool! Recently I was sent a really cute, new toy called Pop Out Pets! These are a hit with my daughter and little baby boy! The Pop Out Pets are adorable 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 stuffed animals that transform! What appears at first to be a dolphin magically transforms into a walrus, and then even a sea turtle in one quick flip! SO cute! The Pop Out Pets I was sent was the Sea Life Creatures. They are soft and huggable and it can turn into THREE cute pets: Taylor the Tenacious Turtle, William the Witty Walrus and Daisy the Debonair Dolphin! Love the names of them too :) Product Description Dive into a world of discovery and imagination with this charming 3-in-1 trio, and let them take you to places … [Read more...]