Beauty and Skin Care Products (Giveaway)


*Products were received. Opinions are my moms! When we get older, we like to age gracefully. No one wants to look way older than they really are, nor do older folks want to look their age, am I right? I know I am right! Made From Earth has a great new duo out and it is the Vitamin C + Face Firming Kit. I let my mom try this out for me because I was already trying out some skin care! Me and my mom love beauty and skin care products!! My mom's first impression was the organic anti-aging ingredients that is in this duo. She does not like to put harsh products on her face, so this impressed her a bit. She has been using this for about 4 weeks now and said her face is visibly smoother and she does notice some firmness around her jaw line, where there was none before she started using this. So, that was cool to hear! She also has not experienced any irritations from it or breakouts (though she never has broken out in her life anyways, lucky lady!!!). How To Use The … [Read more...]

Back To School Shopping Can Be Overwhelming!! #GREATLIST


*Thanks to Great Clips for sponsoring today's discussion Back to school shopping can be so overwhelming! Especially when you have more than one child to shop for! Each child has their own classroom school supply list and that can be difficult, especially if you wait until the last-minute to buy those items! I am a last-minute, school supply shopper and I get very overwhelmed! So this year, I will shop alone, (no kids!!) and just get it done. My kids head back to school on September 3rd, so I still have time, right? Ugh. Then, after school supply shopping I still have to arrange hair cuts for both kids! So much to do, thank God the clothes shopping is DONE! To help me with those hair cuts, I will be downloading the online Check-In App! By downloading this free app, Great Clips will make a donation to! I thought that was pretty neat. Plus, the Check-In App Is super easy to use! Just open the app and the salons nearest your current location will … [Read more...]

NEW Exuviance Illumination Duo Skin Care Review #Exuviance

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*Product was received. Opinions are mine. This post is Powered by BrandBacker What do I like more than skin care and beauty products? I like to save money too! So, of course I was thrilled to learn about two new products and that they were $43 off their original price! Mama likes this deal! I was sent the new Exuviance Illumination Duo to try. Now, I just received this about 7 days ago, so I have only been using it for 7 days, so I am basing my review off of the 7 days I have been using it. Just wanted to say that first!!! The products arrived in the mail, in a secure box and everything was perfect upon opening that box. This skin care is unlike any I have ever used before. Why? Because the Vitamin C+ Anti aging Booster is different! It is in powder form! It comes with a lid, but you take off that lid and put on the 'spout' lid for easy pouring. It also comes with a little measuring spoon, that you can measure how much powder you put in your hand. I just use the spout … [Read more...]

Fun With Geospace Toys! (Giveaway Time!)

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*Products were received. Opinions are mine. My kids are totally getting bored. At the beginning of summer they were SO over school and just ready to have some fun and play! Now that summer is coming to an end, they are getting bored! As much as I hate to see the summer end and the kids go back to school, it just has to happen. The last couple of weeks might go by quickly, but I want my kids to be active and not be bored! I was sent a couple of products from Geospace Toys. The first one is a portable ping pong table set called the Game Time Ping Pong. It is super easy to set up and you can play ping pong just about anywhere! Rain or shine, ping pong is the game to play! It comes in a small pouch and everything you need to set it up is in there. This is great to also take to a friend's house or take on a trip with you and set it up in the hotel room. My kids are getting better at playing it. It just takes coordination and practice! This retails for only $11.99. The … [Read more...]

Summertime Fun!

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*I am a Tommee Mommee Insider and occasionally get products to check out and/or gift cards. Opinions are mine. This summer, I do have to say, it has not been very busy for us in way of traveling. I always feel so guilty looking on Facebook and seeing how much traveling everyone (but me!) is doing. It kind of makes me feel like a bad mom :/ I know though, that memories can be made anywhere! We don't have to visit Disneyland or take off for the beach at a moment's notice to make those memories. Sure, that sounds awesome (Disneyland?!), but those memories can be for a different year, just not this one. So this year, we just 'hung out'. We played outside, made s'mores at night, stayed up LATE, went fishing (A LOT), watched movies, went swimming, played on the water slide, went to friends houses, had friends over and much more! Guess what? It was a fun summer and we DID make those memories!! Lots of summertime fun!!! Yes, I still do wish we could have traveled to … [Read more...]

YOGiiZA: Organic Yoga Apparel


*Products were received. Opinions are mine. I have to confess, I do not do yoga and I never have. However, I do own my fair share of yoga pants :) Hey, they are comfy and when I am just around the house with the kids, the last thing I want to be wearing is tight, uncomfortable jeans! Yes, I do exercise though. And when I do exercise, I do need some comfy pants that can hold up to their end of the bargain (breathable, etc..). I was introduced to YOGiiZA, which is an organic yoga apparel company and their stuff is CUTE! They have yoga apparel for men and women, which I thought was unique and neat. The clothing that they sell are comfy, attractive looking and organic! I chose the Long Skinny Leggings in charcoal black/pink and the Unified Tee. I have to say when they arrived, they were packaged ADORABLY. I could tell, by the way the clothing was sent, that the company really cares about not only the presentation of your clothing to you, but there was also a … [Read more...]