goodnessknows® snack squares (Giveaway!)


*This is a sponsored post in partnership with One2One Network and goodnessknows® snack squares, opinions are mine. We all know that every morning you should eat breakfast. I say should, because I have NEVER been a breakfast eater, ever. Even when I was little, I always just opted for a big glass of chocolate milk. That was it! I also did not choose the most healthiest snacks after school. But, now that I have my own kids, I know how important breakfast is and snacks after school too. So, I  make them a healthy breakfast or give them healthy snack options in the mornings and after school. I was recently sent the goodnessknows® snack squares to try out with my kids. Since we have never tried or heard of them before, we were excited to try them out. I feel these would make a good morning snack as well as after school (and during lunch!) snack too. I enjoy them in the mornings. These are made with tangy fruits, crunchy nuts, and yummy chocolate, such wonderful foods … [Read more...]

Accepting Sponsors For My 2014 Holiday Gift Guide #giftguide


  Yep, it is TRUE! I am now accepting sponsors for my 2014 holiday gift guide that will be going live on November 1st. This will be my 5th year doing my annual  holiday gift guide and I am so pleased that it has been such a helpful source for shopping, for my readers and a big success for the companies who have their products featured! So, if you are a company who would like to have one (or more) of your products featured in my annual holiday gift guide, please submit your information to my holiday gift guide submission form (or click picture above!).  My readers also LOVE giveaways, so yes, I am accepting those as well!!! :) Thank you and I look forward to possibly working with you! Happy Holidays!! ;) (Is it too early still, to say that???) … [Read more...]

InJoy Artistry: Personalized Art Gifts for Babies and Children (Giveaway)

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*Product received. Opinions are mine. So, I am trying my hardest to decorate my home with nice things. I am working first on the bathrooms as they seem like they would be the easiest to work on. The walls in my bathrooms are bare and need painting. I am going to be painting the bathrooms but I need to figure out what colors as I do not want the bathrooms too dark or too light. Maybe a nice taupe color? I don't know. My first item I got for my bathroom wall is a very cute Duckies Canvas Art! It is so cute and I even had it personalized, well sort of! As I chose the canvas to say 'Bath Time' since it would be hung on our bathroom wall, instead of my child's name. But , you can have it say anything. This arrived safely and was packaged very nicely. When I pulled it out I was happy to see it looked just how I thought it would. It is a perfect size for any wall and looks so nice in our bathroom! Plus, it comes with built in hardware which makes it ready for … [Read more...]

Jewelry In Candles New Holiday Scents Are Here! (Giveaway!)


First, I wanted to say thank you for all of my wonderful, loyal readers of my blog. Without you, my blog would not be here!! So, I wanted to reward you all with a fun, yummy scented with jewelry, Candle/Tart giveaway! I bought these items with my own money and just wanted to give back to YOU!!!    Now, on with it!!! I know you all like candles, how doesn't? If you don't, then well, that is your problem, not mine.. For those of you who DO love candles, I wanted to tell you about the NEW holiday scents from Jewelry In Candles!! Woot! It was so funny. It is like an addiction for me. I was actually waiting for the new holiday scents to be released and was starring at the countdown. As soon as those candles/tarts became available, I bought quite a few! I wanted to make sure I was getting some! The new holiday scents are: Peppermint Gingerbread Eggnog (OMG, my favorite!!!!) Bayberry I ordered plenty of the Eggnog Tarts and candles as that is one … [Read more...]

Solscents: Scented Sunscreen (Giveaway!)


*Products received. Opinions are mine. I know that summer is almost gone, sigh, but that does not mean the sunscreen is put away. You should always wear sunscreen when going outdoors, isn't that what your mama told you? Solscents is deliciously scented sunscreen to help you stay safe, while in the sun. I received some fun scents and lip balms to check out. Do I love them? Yep! They rock! The sunscreens not only smell good, but they are so good for my skin. They make my skin feel so soft and really takes care of any dry and rough spots I may have. Plus, I smell delicious :) Hubby likes the scents I received! SolScents also brings you the new Clear Face sunscreen. Clear Face provides an ultra-light formula that is fast-absorbing, lightly scented and filled with skin nourishing antioxidants. Offering the same selection of fresh fragrances so you don’t smell like sunscreen, Clear Face is available in broad-spectrum levels 15, 30 and 50. Paraben-free and FDA approved, Clear … [Read more...]

Halloween Themed Wax Warmers (Giveaway!)

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  *Product was received, opinions are mine!  Oh heavens, listen to me!! Yesterday, it was all about me telling you how close those holidays are!! Today, I am going to tell you how SUPER close Halloween is! Yep, Halloween will be here before you know it! Yay! One of my most favorite holidays, evah! I wanted to tell you about some super cool Halloween Themed Wax Warmers, before it is too late! Shop Halloween Forevermore and he is ADORABLE. Better than what I had expected, seriously too cute for words! He is spending his Halloween days, planted on my kitchen counter, so I can see him every day :) I have tons of yummy holiday scented wax cubes and I have been using them in this adorable wax warmer! Every one that comes to my house has to ask me where I purchased it. Ya, it is that cute! You just plug this cute ghost in (it has a handy switch on the cord) and when it is on, you will see a little orange light on the side of the warmer. It melts tarts and wax … [Read more...]