How To Detangle And Straighten Your Hair Quickly (Giveaway)

*Products received. Opinions are my own. This post includes an affiliate link. My daughter and I have VERY thick hair. My hair, combined with it’s thickness, is also VERY wavy in the back and underneath. It drives me BONKERS. I have tried SO many products on my hair but I always go back to my […]

Fuel Your Body With Glacier Water And Help The Planet!

*Sponsored post. Opinions are my own. I won’t lie. We buy a TON of bottled water. I also have a half-dozen half empty water bottles in my car, scattered in my home and I am sure tons are in the garbage. I know, I know, it is terrible for the planet! I have given this […]

StyleKey Takes The Guesswork Out Of Online Clothes Shopping

*Sponsored post. Opinions are my own. I love online shopping. When I have any extra money, I will shop online. One thing I don’t like shopping online is finding the right sizes and not being able to see how things fit me or my kids. I have had to return many items because of that! […]

Online Safety Ignorance No Longer An Excuse For Parents

*Product received. Opinions are my own. I remember the first time my kids got online. Oh my goodness, I was so fearful of the things they might come across!!! I was always by their side and I had the ‘safe‘ searching mode when they searched Google. But that is NOT enough! I want my children […]

Sign Up To Be A Twitter Insider!

This is a sponsored post. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.   Want to be a Twitter Insider? Do you have what it takes?? Sure you do! Twitter wants to hear from their most dedicated users (that means YOU!), to learn more about their experience, and how they’re using their […]

NEW Tiny Love Gymini Kick & Play City Safari (Giveaway)

*Product received. Opinions are my neighbors. This post includes my affiliate links. Did you know that each year on April 8th, National Zoo Lovers Day is celebrated in recognition of the approximately 175 million people who love and visit zoos? I missed it! But, we are still in the process of moving, so visiting a […]

Online Shopping And Saving Money With Coupons

Online Shopping And Saving Money With Coupons while traveling! Online shopping is so popular now. Since I am so busy with my two kids, I would NEVER go shopping if I did not have internet access (except for grocery shopping!). I am so thankful for online shopping that is for sure. I use to go […]

Must-Have Baby Shower Gifts (Giveaway!)

*Products received. Opinions are my nieces. This post includes my affiliate links. It seems like when spring has sprung so have baby showers! I keep hearing about baby showers every week! It is crazy! Hey, at least, we know what people were doing during the long, cold months of winter There are lots of things […]

How To Care For Your Skin In The Spring

*Products received. Opinions are my own. Skin gets dry and rough during the winter months and during the spring and summer months too. There is no way around it! Or is there? How to care for your skin in the spring may be difficult at times, but it does not have to be… does it? […]

5 Tips To Get Your Kids Outside This Spring And Play!

*Product received. Opinions are my own. After a long, cold winter, everyone is ready to get outside and play! That is,except for my 10-year-old. This boy of mine is a complete gamer and loves playing Minecraft ALL day long IF I allow it.. sigh.   Getting him outside to play and get his wiggles out […]