Yes, I am an Avon Lady! LOL! I don’t make much money on it, but I can buy my cosmetics this way, and that really makes me happy! What woman does not love her cosmetics? I have a website, for your convinience, and have it shipped right to your door, OR you can send me […]

Tips to Save Money!

*This post includes my affiliate links. Tips to Save Money! I wanted to write this to help whomever needs help on frugal living! I will let you in on a few of MY favorite ways to be frugal and save money!!! First of all, My all time favorite way to do things is, well, FREE!! […]

What Home Business Is Right For You?

What Home Business Is Right For You? Making money on the internet is no easy task. The hard part is actually finding that money-maker and making it work for you. There is so much out there, and it can be overwhelming, believe me, I know! I have found a few that have worked for me. […]

You Know What REALLY Gets Me?

When someone posts a comment on MY blog telling ME how to parent! OMGOSH!! Apparently I am a Phony.. hmm.. Read this: I like what your trying to do, starting your own business, but everything you are saying sounds so phony. Did your husband really get up and leave you the first time you went […]

To Everyone On My Team!

This is to everyone on my Cashcrate team, THANK YOU for being a part of my special team!! I am so thankful to have a team like you all! Together we can and will make MONEY!! I have made, now, this month way over $100, and it is all because of YOU! If you need […]

Me and The Fam Went to Dinner Last Night..

We went out to dinner for the first time after having my daughter Presley, who is now 6 months old. Very interesting indeed. While we were waiting for our food, which seemed like ten years, my two year old was under the table pinching my husband on his legs and saying “I pinch dad” because […]

Well, That Was An Interesting Day!

So, I was accepted to be a Nesquik Shakers So, me, my children, my sister Juliann and her children all went out to the port right next to my house. Before we went, I went to the ONLY store in my town and used the coupons Nesquik sent me to get 4 full-sized chocolate milks […]

How Was My Day, You Asked?

Well, here I am trying my hardest to have an at home business, and be successful. It is very hard to do when you have two young children who constantly need YOU! What I am dealing with right now.. It is 9:30P at night. My two-year old has thrown his 8th tantrum today. He just […]

How Do I Subscribe To Your Website/Blog?

*This post includes my affiliate link How Do I Subscribe To Your Website/Blog?? It is so easy to subscribe to blogs and websites anymore! They use to make it quite hard, but now you just have to enter your email address and then confirm it through your email. That is it! To subscribe to my […]

Way To Advertise Your Business For Free!

*This post includes my affiliate links This is a great way to advertise your business, website or blogs for FREE! What I do, is go to Google and Google “FREE ADS” This brings me to a long list of places that I can register with for free. Once I am a member, I can then […]