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Win It! Graystar CD!!

  There is this new band (well new to us :)), have you heard? They are called “Graystar” Here is a little background: Graystar is a constantly evolving music project. It is an indie music band. A stripped down acoustic performance. An epic rock band. A solo project. An ever-changing musical collective. At its core […]

Happy Saturday!

I have been having so much fun blog hopping!! Boy, it takes a lot of time! But time well spent ๐Ÿ™‚ I have visited many wonderful blogs and plan on visiting a ton more before the week is out! I want to remind everyone of my giveaways! Not many people are entering them ๐Ÿ™ One […]

It’s FRIDAY!!!

I don’t know why I am super excited that it is friday, since I am a Stay At Home Mommy… But I think it is because my dear husband is FINALLY getting a weekend off this week!! And, he is only working 8 hours tonight instead of the usual 10 hours. So, we get to […]

Some Goodies

So, I was reading through one of my many beauty mags, and I came across this really neat tip, that I want to share with you! Since your hands are the first ones to show signs of aging the quickest, at night, when you are applying your facial serum or lotion, apply a little bit […]

TGIF! Look At These Goodies :)

So, before I give you all the Friday goodies, we will chit chat for a sec. I decided to highlight my hair today. I used the Loreal coloring highlighter kit. I was suppose to use that adorable “bonnet” that comes with it. As I was ‘trying’ to put it on, my one year old daughter […]

Thursdays Goodies

WHOOSH! Sorry I missed you yesterday! What a busy day I had with the kids, no time to get on here, that was for sure! I am potty training my three year old boy, and it has been time consuming, but VERY successful, yae!!!!! He is almost there, my big boy! My one year old […]

Fun Stuff :)

So, I got this email today from MomCentral. A wonderful online mom support system, is what I like to call it. It has so many great ideas for the busy mommy, you must visit it! I got this invitation from them, below, but I don’t live in any of the areas mentioned. If you do, […]

Blog of Freebies and Paid Opportunities

So, today I had the opportunity to be part of an online video discussion. I was fun and I got to meet some mamas! So, if you are from the video chat today and are coming by to check out my “blog” :), then I am saying a quick “hi” to you all! Thanks for […]

Panels, Survey Sites and Freebies

ONLINE Clothing/ Fashion Study for Women $125 Market Research Study for Women (Los Angeles Area) ——————————————————————————– Reply to: see below Date: 2009-01-16, 3:13PM PST fieldwork quantwork is conducting market research on the topic of: Clothing/ Fashion If you qualify and participate, you will receive $125 for completing an online project for your time and opinions. […]

Paid Studies and Surveys

20/20 Survey About Pets – $75.00 Males and Females between 21 – 69 can apply for this study which pays $75.00. Takes place December 16-18 and requires answering questions online 2-3 times a day.…puppies-bb Join the NEW TRESemme StyleSeeker for exclusive offers…d=email424 May lead to something…. Get exclusive insider access to fashion, beauty […]