Become A Product Reviewer :)

Happy rainy Saturday, all! What a horridly rainy afternoon! YUCK, where is that sun??? My husband took my son off for the day to do “boy” stuff and so me and my daughter are stuck in the house on this wonderfully wet day 😉 BLAH! Do you like to review products AND keep them??? Well, […]

VGNO! Woohoo!!

Woohoo! It is Friday, and it is GNO at Anne’s! So, head on over to her blog, and let’s do some blog hopping! (Like I haven’t been all week with the UBP going on right now!!) K, I am suppose to turn the below words into some kind of lil’ story, so here goes! **Lounge […]

Contests and Fun Stuff

BLOG OF THE WEEK: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Go and enter this contest! It is for a Twighlight DVD and a Starbucks card!!! Very cool! Here is where you can find it: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Enter to win a $10 Starbucks gift card and a $25 TJ Maxx Gift Card Go to Classy and Fabulous to enter! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FREE Mini […]

I Don’t Feel Good Today :(

LOG OF THE WEEK Can’t believe it is already Tuesday! I have been a bit under the weather lately, don’t know why? Wish I would get to feeling better soon. This morning I ACCIDENTALLY gave my kids a lil’ bit of coffee, sigh.. See, I don’t really drink coffee, but we have this “hot chocolate” […]

Win $1000 Scholarship

ASPEX SCHOLARSHIPwin $1,000 At ASPEX, our core products utilize the imaging capability of a Scanning Electron Microscope – SEM combined with the elemental analysis functionality of an Energy Dispersive Spectrometer – EDS detector. We are seeking innovative applications focused on supporting quality and or process control initiatives at industrial manufacturing facilities where SEM-EDS will be […]

Mondays Stuff

BLOG OF THE WEEK!!! // <![CDATA[ document.write(" \n\n \n\n “); // ]]> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have been to so many awesome blogs and I have so many more great blogs to visit (From the Ultimate Blog Party 2009) I am having a blast!!! So, that is why my blog posts are not really that interesting lately, […]

Win It! Graystar CD!!

  There is this new band (well new to us :)), have you heard? They are called “Graystar” Here is a little background: Graystar is a constantly evolving music project. It is an indie music band. A stripped down acoustic performance. An epic rock band. A solo project. An ever-changing musical collective. At its core […]

Happy Saturday!

I have been having so much fun blog hopping!! Boy, it takes a lot of time! But time well spent 🙂 I have visited many wonderful blogs and plan on visiting a ton more before the week is out! I want to remind everyone of my giveaways! Not many people are entering them 🙁 One […]

2009 Ultimate Blog Party! Let Me Introduce Myself!

K, first of all, I welcome you ALL to my party 🙂 Secondly, I want to invite all of you blogger mamas (non-mamas and daddys too) to have a chance to be featured on my daily blog for ONE WEEK! So, everyone that leaves a comment below will be qualified! I will choose a random […]

The Birth of Cornelius~Win It!

I hope everyone is having a great Thursday! I have had a bad headache all day long, so my day is not going very well in that way. Otherwise, it is good. So, I have ANOTHER giveaway for you today!!! Don’t forget to enter yesterdays blog contest if you have not already! That will be […]