We Had A Great Day :)

We had a really good weekend! We went to the mall for an Easter egg hunt Saturday morning. My daughter, who is 1, was the most excited and actually found most of the treats! My son, who is three, did NOT want to be there, and was not in a very good mood, sigh.. He […]

Happy Easter!

Just wanted to say “Happy Easter” to all of my wonderful, beautiful Mama’s! I hope your day is filled with love, hope and fun!!! Bless you all 🙂 Kim // <![CDATA[ document.write(" \n\n “); // ]]>

Yanni Voices Review

I got the chance to review a wonderful CD By Yanni, titled “Yanni Voices”, and it was great! As soon as I recieved it in the mail, I popped it in the cd player and instantly fell in love with this cd. This is the first time Yanni has brought vocals to his music. I […]

Do You Like Parties?

Well then head on over to Ann’s! She is having a blog hopping party and it is so much fun! Welcome to all my blog hopping friday night beauties! Nice that you stopped by! I have some great contests going on right now if you are interested! The first one is the Dot Girl First […]

My Daughters MRI Was Cancelled…Why You Ask?

My Daughters MRI Was Cancelled…Why You Ask? My daughter had surgery last year, at 3 months, for her back (she had a tethered spine, I will explain her story someday soon). So, yesterday, Wednesday, she had a follow up MRI to make sure that the surgery she had on her back last year did what […]

got2b Smooth Lustre Lotion & Monet Minerals Lip Balm Giveaway!

**CONTEST OVER!! THANKS FOR ALL WHO ENTERED!!!!** CONGRATS TO DEBORAH OF NC, entry #2!!!! Your goodies are on their way 😉 So, as promised, I have another blog giveaway just for you! I am giving away ONE got2b Smooth Lustr Lotion (with adorable charms on it!!) and ONE Monet Minerals Lip Balm (in a tube) […]


The last few days have been just warm and beautiful! I did a little weed pullin’ yesterday while my little boy ran about collecting all of the worms mommy was finding. He would take them and put them back under rocks across the yard. What a good boy to not kill them or pull them […]

The Zoo Did NOT Work Out…

So, we headed off to the zoo a bit on the late side, but still it would have been OK, we would of had two hours to walk around and see the animals. The weather was PERFECT at a wonderful 61 degrees! We get to the zoo and it is a ZOO (no pun intended!) […]

Mama’s Takin’ Me to The Zoo Tomorrow!

I am not quite sure where this week flew off to, gosh it went by fast. I am so happy that the weekend is here! We are going to the zoo tomorrow, if the weather provides (it has been non stop raining for the past week!) It is suppose to be nice, so we shall […]

April Fools Day SUCKS

Have you ever…. -hid in the bathroom just so that you could enjoy that last chocolate chip cookie? -not taken a shower for two days because there is absolutely no time in left in a day for YOU? -screamed at the top of your lungs because NO one listens to you? -ate the crumbs off […]