Aquaphor Lip Repair + PROTECT

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CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO Michelle Hudak #496!! We always have Aquaphor on hand in this household. My kids have very sensitive skin and my daughter has horrible eczema :( One of the only things that helps her, besides over the counter prescription ointments, is Aquaphor. It is more expensive, but I would not use another brand or off brand ever, because I have tried and nothing works like Aquaphor healing ointment. So, already being a huge fan of Aquaphor, I was delighted to try out their newest addition, Aquaphor Lip Repair+Protect!! If you read my blog, you know me and my lip balms. Cannot live without them! Photo credit: nacu from This arrived and I just love it already. I knew I would, but this is ridiculous how much I need this now! I am certainly going to have to buy at least 2 more to have on hand when I can't find this one! We all know that when you are out and about in that hot sun, it is VERY important to protect your skin with SPF and … [Read more...]

Aquaphor: Transition That Dry, Winter Skin Into Smooth, Healthy Skin!

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CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO Ellen Beck #11!!   Ever since I had children, Aquaphor has been a part of our daily routine. Bathtime, Aquaphor, brush teeth, read story and bed! You see, both of my kids were blessed with horribly dry and irritated skin and NOTHING makes it better, except Aquaphor. It does cost a bit more to buy, then other regular products, but it is simply the best for my children and I would not skimp and buy an "off" brand, because Aquaphor Healing Ointment is what works for us. You can slather this stuff on or you can rub it into your skin. Like I said, I put this on my kids at night, because skin does most of its healing at night and in the morning my kids skin is less irritated and so much less dry. Love this stuff. I received products that I already use and love and TRUST for my family. I received the Aquaphor Healing  Ointment (yay!!), Aquaphor Lip Repair and a $50 Visa Gift Card to buy more Aquaphor!! So excited :) Aquaphor is a … [Read more...]