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*Product received, opinions are my own. This post includes my affiliate links. Did you read my post, 'Baby's First Time Playing In the Snow'?? If not, you need to, it is really cute! I talked about my baby's first time in the snow and his reaction to it. I think the picture I took, captured it all, LOL. What about my baby's first monster costume? With baby's firsts, comes seconds and thirds too. I treasure every moment, not just the firsts :) Yes, I am 'one of those moms'! Ha! I even had to capture the first time my baby drew on the wall! Little stinker!!! My little one is just now, starting to do the whole potty train thing. Before he was two, he went on the potty a lot. But now he is really making a huge effort! I am so pleased, because it is HIM wanting to do it and telling ME, not the other way around. Makes it much easier on the both of us, that is for sure. I see Easy-Up Training Pants in our near future! My baby also has VERY sensitive skin. Lately it has … [Read more...]

Products That Help Pregnant And Nursing Mothers


*Product received. Opinions are my own. I nursed all three of my kids and I am STILL nursing my 2-year-old. He is the only one, out of my three children, that still loves the comfort of nursing. My other two were done nursing (weaned themselves) at 13 and 14 months. My little two-year old just loves his milk! So precious to be nursing him and he will stop nursing and look up to give me a slobbery kiss, then go back to nursing as if nothing even happened. Oh how I LOVE these moments with him that I know will be gone soon enough. I treasure them! Fairhaven Health carries some wonderful Products That Help Pregnant And Nursing Mothers! Some of the popular products, I have included below. Milkies Freeze (MSRP $29.95): The Milkies Freeze is a “first-in, first-out” breast milk storage system that fits into your freezer. Simply collect your precious breast milk in any milk storage bag, and place the bag on the metal quick-freeze tray at the top of the Freeze. Once the milk … [Read more...]

Booster Seat Safety And Education #ChiccoKidFit #IC

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*I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Chicco. I received a promotional item to thank me for participating. Opinions are my own. We take car seat and booster seat safety and education, very important around here. I have my daughter still in a booster seat and will be for a while, even though she is now 7.  She is super tiny for her age! I also have a two-year old (who is SUPER tiny for his age), still in rear facing car seat and will be for a while! I am always trying to keep up on the safety and education that goes with booster and car seats. My two-year-old is using a Chicco car seat. I absolutely trust it and know that I am keeping my little one safe, while he is riding in the car. This car seat grows with my child, so I am in love with it. I am going to have to purchase the Chicco KidFit Booster Seat for my daughter, just because I really like the Chicco Brand. The Chicco KidFit Booster Seat  grows with your child too, while protecting … [Read more...]

Love Motifs Custom Baby Keepsakes (Giveaway)


*This is a partnered post. Opinions are my own. You know, when you have a new little one, you want to TREASURE every single moment. You want to preserve as much as you can! That is why I take so many pictures of my kids. I don't want to miss ANYTHING. With Love Motifs, you CAN preserve those precious memories by creating custom baby keepsakes! How Does Love Motifs Work? It is actually pretty neat! You purchase a baby keepsake (there are quite a few to choose from!). Once you purchase your selected baby keepsake, you will be sent an exclusive gift kit containing everything you need to take footprints and provide customization details. Next, you take your child's footprints with the inkless wipe and imprint paper that was provided in the kit. Then you simply fill out the order form to customize the keepsake!   Once everything is filled out and footprints are taken, you then put everything into the prepaid envelope that was provided in your kit and … [Read more...]

Daysy Fertility Monitor: Natural Fertility Management (Giveaway)

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If you have been following my blog, I am sure you know by now, my story about TTC (trying to conceive, losses and more). Now that I am 40 and not 'planning' on anymore children, I wanted to pass this great giveaway on to you all, that are still trying to conceive (or trying to avoid getting pregnant!). The Daysy can you help you with both of those things! What Is Daysy? Daysy is a fertility monitor that learns and tracks your menstrual cycle. With daysy, you can plan or prevent pregnancy just as you choose. Daysy will show you if you are fertile or not with an accuracy of 99.3%, is all natural and side-effect free.   As easy as 1,2,3...  Just 60 Seconds A Day! Every morning, take your temperature under your tongue. Confirm menstruation on the days you have it. Daysy evaluates your data and calculates your fertility status for the next 24 hours. What Can Daysy Tell Me?? Red = fertile Red days are when to plan for a … [Read more...]

Midnight Moms Twitter Party #JOHNSONSBaby #BedtimeForBaby


Having little ones can really wreak havoc on a good night sleep or any sleep for that matter. I know for me and my kids, we are up and down and all around, each night. It gets exhausting! My baby boy is a better sleeper than my two older ones, but, some nights he is SO wiggly I want to run away! I love it when he actually sleeps the whole night away, because that means I can relax (a little bit!). The bigger kids are big enough to handle themselves, unless of course they need me, then I am there for them! JOHNSON’S ® Baby has developed the only bedtime routine clinically proven to help babies and toddlers fall asleep faster, which works along with help from their BEDTIME™ washes and lotions. They actually analyzed the sleep patterns of more than 80,000 babies to find this out, so I trust that! Details!! Wednesday, Sept. 17, at 11:59 p.m. ET (11 p.m. CT / 9 p.m. PT) Join us for a "Midnight Moms" Twitter Party for tips & tricks on bedtime rituals, useful videos on baby … [Read more...]