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Having little ones can really wreak havoc on a good night sleep or any sleep for that matter. I know for me and my kids, we are up and down and all around, each night. It gets exhausting! My baby boy is a better sleeper than my two older ones, but, some nights he is SO wiggly I want to run away! I love it when he actually sleeps the whole night away, because that means I can relax (a little bit!). The bigger kids are big enough to handle themselves, unless of course they need me, then I am there for them! JOHNSON’S ® Baby has developed the only bedtime routine clinically proven to help babies and toddlers fall asleep faster, which works along with help from their BEDTIME™ washes and lotions. They actually analyzed the sleep patterns of more than 80,000 babies to find this out, so I trust that! Details!! Wednesday, Sept. 17, at 11:59 p.m. ET (11 p.m. CT / 9 p.m. PT) Join us for a "Midnight Moms" Twitter Party for tips & tricks on bedtime rituals, useful videos on baby … [Read more...]

Summertime Fun!

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*I am a Tommee Mommee Insider and occasionally get products to check out and/or gift cards. Opinions are mine. This summer, I do have to say, it has not been very busy for us in way of traveling. I always feel so guilty looking on Facebook and seeing how much traveling everyone (but me!) is doing. It kind of makes me feel like a bad mom :/ I know though, that memories can be made anywhere! We don't have to visit Disneyland or take off for the beach at a moment's notice to make those memories. Sure, that sounds awesome (Disneyland?!), but those memories can be for a different year, just not this one. So this year, we just 'hung out'. We played outside, made s'mores at night, stayed up LATE, went fishing (A LOT), watched movies, went swimming, played on the water slide, went to friends houses, had friends over and much more! Guess what? It was a fun summer and we DID make those memories!! Lots of summertime fun!!! Yes, I still do wish we could have traveled to … [Read more...]

Johnson’s Baby: Your Promise Is Our Promise #PromiseToBaby #partner

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*This is a partnered blog post with Johnson's Baby, all opinions are my own. We have used Johnson's Baby products, always. Ever since I was small, I can remember my mom using it on us and any new baby's in the house. I just have such fond memories in these products and the scents bring back some fun memories! Now that I am a mommy, I use Johnson's Baby on my baby's too. I have more bottles of Johnson's Baby products than I can count, yep, that many. I love the scents, I love the feeling it gives my baby's skin and I love how it makes my skin feel too. Ya, I use it often on MY skin ;) One of the reasons I just adore Johnson's Baby is because they listen to their customers. They listened to parents and took a stand and changed their formulas to give moms a piece of mind. I received their newly formulated products and adore them. As the new products hit the shelves, Johnson's Baby has launched a heartfelt campaign called: "Your Promise Is Our Promise", as their way … [Read more...]

How Tommee Tippee Helps Make My Life Easier With My Baby


*I am a Tommee Mommee Insiders and occasionally receive products and compensation. However, all opinions are always my own. We all know being a parent is no easy task. Unless you have kids yourself, you just will never really know. I once (very recently in fact) posted something on Facebook, asking for parental advice on how best to handle my son who was acting out and not listening to me. I had so many wonderful parents step up and give me great advice! Then, there was this ONE individual, who is NOT a parent mind you all, tell me to stop taking 'selfies and painting my nails all day long' (because I really DO do that ALL day long! I ignore my children so badly that they are starving and raising themselves...), and parent my child and maybe then he would start behaving. Hmmm.. Well, I think by me posting on a public forum and ASKING for advice about my son, was being a concerned parent wanting advice... not a parent who is neglecting her child. But, that is just … [Read more...]

You’re Doing OK, Mom! #YoureDoingOKMom


With Mother's Day just around that bend, Johnson's Baby has a new, fun and helpful campaign and they need your help with it! It is a campaign to reassure moms everywhere that they’re doing OK! JOHNSON’S® Baby knows that every mom could use some reassurance, especially on Mother’s Day. For every view of the “You’re Doing OK, Mom” video between now and Mother’s Day, JOHNSON’S® Baby will donate $1 to Save the Children® up to $50,000. View and share the video and help us send a message of love to a deserving mom!   … [Read more...]

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Microwave Sterilizer (Giveaway)

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CONGRATS TO Brooke Thomas *Product was received. Opinions are mine. This post contains my personal affiliate link. Nothing makes me feel better than knowing my baby has CLEAN bottles to eat out of. No one likes dirty things to eat off of! I use to boil my older sons baby bottles to get them sterilized and clean. For my daughter, I did that too. But now, with this baby, I use the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Microwave Sterilizer. This is super easy to use and sterilizes my baby's bottles in as little as 4 minutes! Why did I not get this sooner??? Now, I am rest assured that my little one has clean bottles, not filmy gross ones! You simply take off the lid, lift up the plastic tray and add 7 oz of water. Put the tray back down, place your bottles, nipples, pacifiers, etc.. inside and put the lid back on. Put it into the microwave for 4 minutes and there you have it! Just be VERY careful when you take it out of the microwave (use oven mittens!) and if you must open it … [Read more...]