KidzBloom: Trendy Clothes for Your Little Ones


*I am a part of the KidzBloom Summer Campaign and received a gift card to purchase an outfit for this post. Opinions are mine. I love finding really cute clothes for my little kids. I also love it when they last a long time (or at least until the kids outgrow them!). I found a really cute boutique online, called KidzBloom and they are all of the above! Click Image To Make Larger! I was able to choose a cute outfit for my little girl. I had her sit on my lap and choose the things that she wanted. She chose some really cute pieces! A nice pair of stylish shorts, a fun colorful bracelet, some sparkly shades and a cool looking blinged out skull t-shirt! Too dang cute! Oh and the shipping is FREE!! Yay! The assortment of clothes on KidzBloom is great. They have something for every child's taste and for babies and bigger kids! My daughter had a hard time choosing just a few things, she wanted everything, naturally :) KidzBloom carries nice namebrand clothing too, like Joe's Jeans Kids, … [Read more...]

Truly Scrumptious by Heidi Klum Collection (Review)


*product was received. opinions are my own. Having a baby is so much fun! Well, dressing them up is anyways! LOL. My little one is a screaming machine, so not so much fun when he is doing that, which is pretty much all day every day, sigh.. Anyways, yes, even baby boys can be fun to dress! Through the years, little boys can dress cute too and nicely. There is a new collection out by Heidi Klum. It is called 'Truly Scrumptious' and it is sooo cute! My baby boy received the Boys' Plaid Romper, Boys Cargo Shorts, Sleeveless Stripped Romper, Another pair of cotton shorts.   This line is colorful and fun for the little ones to wear. Though I never really liked my boys in bright-colored things, I think these outfits are cute. They are fun for summertime and airy, keeping baby cool. I think these clothes are very affordable and cute. They seem to be made of decent quality material and fit true to size. My son received the 6 months size and a nine month size. They fit him good … [Read more...]

ZIPaboo: Changing Diapers Is A Zip!

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  CONGRATS TO Holly Wert #817! You know what sucks? When you are out and about and your baby does the dough dance (goes poop) and needs a diaper change ASAP. Been there, done that! And sometimes, the outfits your little one has on, is certainly not the ideal outfit to have on to get the diaper change done quickly... That is where ZIPaboo comes in :) It is a really cute baby outfit that zips around the front of the baby, to allow for very quick and easy diaper changes, anywhere! ZIPaboo has some really cute long sleeved body suit sleepers, 5 different colors to be exact. We received the really cute Noah one. The material is soft and breathable for baby. Putting this on my baby was a cinch. You just unbutton the one shoulder button and unzip the bottom part and put on over the baby's head. Once on, you just snap the little snap button on the shoulder and zip up the crotch part. The zipper part at the crotch, looked a bit funny to me, but after my first … [Read more...]

Refresh Your Child’s Wardrobe This Spring With Gymboree! (Review & Giveaway)


  CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO Amy Rouse #1499! Spring is finally here, yay!!! Even though it is still cold and wet outside, it is spring and I can handle that! That means warmer weather will be here sooner, rather than later :) What a better time, than spring, to refresh your children's wardrobes! Gymboree has some really cute new clothes! Their new holiday spring collection is absolutely adorable and well, springy!! The best part, besides Gymboree having super cute kids clothing?? They are having a great sale too! 30% off everything, for a limited time only and while supplies last! So hurry!!   I have always loved Gymboree (oh my goodness, they have the cutest clothes ever!), so I was excited to review some cute clothes! My kids each got something cute to show you all :) I am getting this outfit for my baby boy, next! Soo cute! I got some really cute jeans with flowers on them for my little girl. My son got a nice, spring jacket with a handsome flannel … [Read more...]

PAIGELAUREN Baby (Review & Giveaway)

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CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO Patricia Wojnar Crowley #306 Since having a baby boy, finding clothes is kind of fun! Clothes for baby boys has come a long way! No more bright red, yellows and oranges for boys, now boys have super cute clothes and shopping for them is fun :) I received a really trendy and cute super soft Classic Collared Polo shirt from PAIGELAUREN, for my newborn son. Oh my goodness, it is cute on my boy! But then again, anything is cute on my newborn :) This shirt is sooooo soft and perfect for little newborn skin! It is made from 50 percent supima cotton,50 percent micro modal (think jersey material soft!).  It also has a heavy rib/ charcoal stripe contrast collar, cover stitch, front opening with custom sea shell buttons. It truly is a very cute shirt for baby. I washed this shirt and dried it and it still fit my son perfectly. My boy is now 7 lbs 12 oz. Isn't he cute in that picture above?? ;) This shirt is available in three different colors: meadow, … [Read more...]

TwoTara: Gender Neutral Reversible Baby Clothing

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*product received. Opinions are my own. TwoTara: Gender Neutral Reversible Baby Clothing   It was not hard this time around, to NOT  find out what the sex of our baby would be. We already had a boy and a girl, so it really did not matter to us. Just a healthy baby would do! Since we did not find out, I thought it would not be that hard to find gender neutral clothing. After all, we certainly were not the only ones in the world that waited to find out what gender their child would be, right? Well, after browsing the scarce selections in stores, of the gender neutral clothing, I came to the conclusion that NO ONE waits to find out what they are having anymore! Well, okay, that may not be true, but according to all the boy/girl clothing, it WAS true. Nothing and I mean nothing was gender neutral anymore! So, I ended up buying barely anything for my baby before they were born. Maybe a few white onesies and some footie newborn pajamas. I was trying to find out what I … [Read more...]