Rodan + Fields REDEFINE Skincare Regimen (Giveaway Too)


*Products received. Opinions are my own. We all like to look our best. I try to! Some days I have more time and energy to look my best and other days, well at least I wash my face. But I always take care of my skin, always. Since I am starting to see the early signs of aging, I must take care of my face. I always use a cleanser, any treatments I may be using at the time (hey, I am a product reviewer..) and then of course, a good cream for my face and eye area (and neck and temples too!). I have also been a long time fan of Rodan+Fields skincare products ( I was in a commercial for them before you know!). So, ya, a big fan of their products, because the work. I was contacted by Nicole, a rep for Rodan+Fields and she asked me if I would like to review any products. I was very excited, because I already know and love the brand, so this was awesome for me. I chose to review the Rodan + Fields REDEFINE Skincare Regimen, for the appearance of lines, pores and loss of … [Read more...]

How Do I Remove Unwanted Hair Without Shaving? (Giveaway)


*Products received. Opinions are my own. This post has my affiliate links. We all have it. Those unwanted hairs that seem to pop  up in the most weird spots.. The hairs that just won't quit.. the hairs that will not leave.. the hairs that are thick and rooted in your skin, real well.. the hairs that are annoying. Ya, those hairs! I hate to say it but I have those hairs on my body. I try my hardest to make sure I take care of them when they do decide to emerge, but sometimes, I just don't see them! HATE it when that happens.. So, the question is.. How Do I Remove Unwanted Hair Without Shaving? You see, I dislike shaving, but it seems to be a very quick fix for busy people like me. I have to shave my legs and other things, EVERY single night. I cannot STAND stubble, eww, just NO! So ya, I shave lots.. But I dislike it so much! I am, by nature, a fuzzy (think peach fuzz) gal. I don't like it but I have it. So, when I was sent some waxing products from Nad's, I took … [Read more...]

PURE ICE Newest Collection: New Year, New Hue

nail polishes

Congrats to Kelly Tupick *Products received. Opinions are my own. This post includes my affiliate links. My little girl and I love painting our nails together. We try, once a week, to do this together. Sometimes my toddler will climb up on the table 4,567 times when we are trying to do our nails, and then scream when we put him on the floor, but we manage to have that date, once a week, to do our nails. We will do sparkles one week, different colors on every nail another week, dark colors the next week and of course bright colors another week! So much fun! We recently received PURE ICE Newest Collection: New Year, New Hue to try out. My daughter loved all the sparkles! So pretty! Lots of fun colors to layer and play around with. What I like most about Pure Ice is that it is affordable. So buying 2 or 10 bottles of them, will not break the bank. At only $1.97 each at Walmart, you can't pass these up! PURE ICE is sold exclusively at Walmart locations and is the … [Read more...]

Natural Lip Care

Mwah Lip Balms

Congrats to Melissa Resnick *Products received, opinions are my own. This post includes my affiliate links. My little girl loves to put on lip glosses and lip balms. She also likes to put on mascara and blush too, but only at home for dress up with her mama :) She is just so girly and I love it, because so am I! I heard about some great natural lip care alternatives for all girls and women everywhere. No more worrying about what is in  your lip balms or glosses! In other brands, you’d be surprised at the chemicals, parabens and sulfates you might find. Scary! This brand is called 'Mwah' and it is a breath of fresh air! Mwah is affordable and high-quality. It is definitely a new and healthy spin on lip care because the products are natural, are void of any harmful chemicals and preservatives, never tested on those furry cute animals that we all love so much AND they are all produced in a 100% solar powered factory, in Southern California. A portion of all profits are … [Read more...]

Unique Nail Art and Polish (So Pretty!)


*This post includes my affiliate link. I love searching the internet for beautiful and Unique Nail Art & Polish. There are SO many creative people out there, that really make their nails look awesome! I found some that I wanted to share with you all! If you are inspired by them, please click on the picture or link below them, to visit their sites and show them some love!  These gorgeous nails were found on Instagram. They were done by badgirlnails. Aren't they awesome?!?    I love these nails! Perfect for the summertime or when you go on a cruise! These were found here!    Not sure I could get away with this, but thought it was SO cool looking! I found this picture here!    These are so neat! I would love to be able to pull this off! Image found here!   View original instagram or visit INK361   View original instagram or visit INK361 LOVE this look!! Find out how she did it! There is something … [Read more...]

Makeup by One Direction Tour Case #makeupby1D #thelookscollection #markwins

One Direction Tour Case

*This post is powered by Brandbacker. Opinions are my own. If you have a One Direction fan in your home, then they will really like the Makeup By One Direction Tour Case! It has all the makeup you need, to achieve a bold and beautiful face! The tour case is well made and carries all of this makeup. It opens up to some awesome eye shadows in vibrant shades! It also has the Electroglam Hair & Lash Mascara in Powerhouse Purple! Just put it on your eyelashes or run it through your locks (or both!) for a punk rock look! Also included in the tour case, is some Rock Star Jumbo Lip Crayons! They are boldly colored and leave your lips making a statement of their own! The UV-reactive glitter and lip gloss will sparkle by day and glows brighter under a UV light! Too dang cool for the girls in your life! Plus, you can customize your tour case with One Direction City Tour Stickers, which are also included! Talk about a fun fun fun makeup package! I like … [Read more...]