5 Must-Have Products Every Blogger Needs In Their Office

*Product received. Opinions are my own. This post includes my affiliate links. I have to admit it, only until a few months ago, I did not have an office to blog in. We moved from Washington to Idaho back in March of last year and I am STILL getting organized. Now that I do have […]

Lemon Cake Recipe Better Than Starbucks!

I am quite the regular at our local Starbucks. I have probably sampled every treat they have at their store! They have such yummy treats, I just cannot help myself! One day I was totally craving their lemon cake but did not have a vehicle to go and get my treat! I was so upset! […]

When You Allow Siblings To Help You Review Products

Now I must say, I have had my fair share of review products. Sometimes I can review them myself, but other times I MUST have someone else help me out. I get quite overwhelmed with so many review products coming in, that at times, I just need some help! I want to ensure that EVERY […]

Top Ten Reasons Why I Stop Reading A Blog

What makes you leave a blog? Tell me, I want to know!

Makeover MADNESS

“Hello, Beautiful” My blog is getting a makeover, can you tell??? Dont you just LOVE LOVE LOVE it??!? So far so good, right?! Stay tuned, cuz it ain’t done yet…. Want yours redone for Spring? Kas from “Southern Bella’s Ways To Save” does great work, obviously, and has great prices! In the meantime, check out […]

Is My Voice Not LOUD Enough???

Well, google page rank seems to think that my blog is not as good as some… I disagree… and I will tell you why. My blog has been around since May of 2008. I only REALLY started blogging though the beginning of 2009. I have been busting my butt (like MANY other bloggers in my […]

Looking to Improve your Grammar?

Looking to improve on your writing and grammar skills? I know I always am. If I don’t proof read EVERYTHING and spell check, well then I am pretty much in trouble! My kids always need my attention, so it is sometimes hard to make that perfectly written article or blog post well, PERFECT. Writing Software […]

Blog was BROKEN…

Just wanted to let whomever noticed… That my blog was broken and not allowing me to edit or post ANYTHING for the past 4 days. It is back though, thank heavens! I am also in the process of manually switching over to Word Press, and when I am done, Shop with Me Mama will have […]

Another Award!! Thank you, Cheryl from The Lucky Ladybug!!!!!

So a very sweet friend of mine, Cheryl from The Lucky Ladybug, gave me this award!! THANK YOU so much! I am honored!!! Please visit her blog and website for giveaways GALORE and fun things! Here are the rules for the Over the Top Award: USE ONLY ONE WORD! (It’s not as easy as you […]

How Do I Subscribe To Your Website/Blog?

*This post includes my affiliate link How Do I Subscribe To Your Website/Blog?? It is so easy to subscribe to blogs and websites anymore! They use to make it quite hard, but now you just have to enter your email address and then confirm it through your email. That is it! To subscribe to my […]