Check Out This Smarter Way to Pump Breastmilk

*This post includes my affiliate links. When I had my little ones, I had to pump exclusively on one side. It was so time-consuming, but I knew I had to do it, for my baby and for the sake of my boobs not being lopsided, side. I never knew, before my first child, that I would […]

Philips AVENT Single Electric Comfort Breast Pump

*product received. All opinions are mine. This post has an affiliate link. I have ALWAYS had to pump with all of my kids. Due to circumstances, I pump EXCLUSIVELY on the right breast and breastfeed exclusively on the left. I do one feeding on the left breast, then on the next feeding, I will do […]

Breast Pumps and Bottles, Oh My!

Breast Pumps and Bottles Since having the newest little one, I have been a pumping fool. You see, I have to exclusively pump on my right breast and exclusively breast feed on the left one… I have no choice, I just have to. So, having a breast pump near me most of the time, is […]

Express Yourself: Moms who want to give breastfeeding a try

*This is a guest post If you want to express breast milk but are not sure how or what to use, then here is a quick guide to expressing milk to make this process a little clearer for first time Moms, or Moms who want to give breastfeeding a try.   As you know, breastfeeding […]