Brobo Night-Light TREX: The Silly Orange Dinosaur

CONGRATS TO Melina Ramirez #50! *NO product was received. Nothing is more silly then an orange dinosaur! Or is there? I am not certain, but the Brobo Night-Light TREX dinosaur is certainly on my list of silly things! He is too cute!   A Bit About TREX: Trex is a soft orange dinosaur with a […]

Brobo: The New Huggable Night Light! (Review)

My kids LOVE things that light up, especially at night. Things that can softly glow in a dark room, is very comforting to my kids (and me too!). We received some really cute plush from Brobo. They are a new, huggable ┬ánight-light for kids! They are super cute and adorable. They are so comfy to […]