Calgon “Take Me Away!!!”

Calgon Foaming Bath Bubbles

"Calgon, Take Me Away!!" Oh ya, I say that ALOT, well, maybe not, but I certainly feel like saying that alot!! With the cold weather here, it is certainly nice to be able to slip into a warm and inviting bath, and what better way to do it then with Calgon! Calgon is not only super nice to soak in, but it is also pretty good at keeping your skin ultra moisturized and soft feeling too. No dry skin around when I use Calgon! Some of my favorite (new) products are: *Bubbly Bath Fizzies Set *Foaming Bubble Bath *Nourishing Body Cream All of these make for one dang good bath! The Bubbly Bath Fizzy Set is wonderful. It comes with 4 fizzies and a natural bath sponge! Plop one of the fizzies in your tub and soak away the day. The foaming Bath Bubbles foam up immediately when poured into your bath. I loved the huge size of the container too! Makes for many nice bubble baths!! It smells nice and when I soak in it, my skin stays soft after my bath. The only thing I wish is … [Read more...]

Smith & Vandiver: Good Clean Fun Review & A Giveaway! (Bath Products for Kids)

CONTEST IS OVER! CONGRATS TO COMMENT #22, MARCI! My children have very sensitive skin, I kind of do and my husband as a child did too. So, we have to be careful what we use on our skin, but especially on our little ones skin. Using natural products for skin has almost become a must for us. Smith & Vandiver strive to make the best natural and organic products made in the U.S., and they are doing quite a good job of it! Some tid bits about Smith & Vandiver and their products (taken from their site): * All of our products are made in Northern California, near Monterey Bay. * Our products are biodegradable. * We use certified organic and/or natural ingredients in all of our products. * We have a full recycling program for our office and manufacturing, which helps to keep waste out of the landfill. * We recycle over 250,000 pounds of corrugate annually. * We use skylights and have eco-friendly light fixtures throughout our facilities. * Our packaging materials have a high … [Read more...]