A Child Was Left In A Hot Car

*This post includes my affiliate links. You know what? Every single year, I hear about how a mom, dad or caregiver left their precious bundle in the car. Forgot about them. The day was hot, the baby was warm and sweating. The parents or caregiver NEVER comes back for them. Why? They forgot. Maybe they […]

The best natural air fresheners for your car

*Sponsored Guest Post By Katy. A box of opened baking soda in the pocket of a side drawer or in a box that won’t spill will help to absorb odors just like in the fridge! The best natural air fresheners for your car are the best option not only for you but your little passengers […]

Best Electric Gadgets To Have In Your Car In The Winter

*Sponsored guest post by Katy. A portable battery charger, inverter and an air compressor like the Road Assistance device.  If you do a lot of traveling or you’re going on a road trip, you might want to invest in a portable battery charger. We used one of these on our road trip across the US […]

Best gadgets for working from your car

*Sponsored Post By Katy. A portable printer to print off last minute documents or make changes to a document while you’re out visiting a client instead of waiting to send it to them once you get back to the office. A USB thumb drive that will connect to GoogleEarth allowing you to trace your journey […]

Portable car seat stroller combinations to make travel easier

*Sponsored Guest Post By Katy When you’ve just had a baby, the last thing you want to do is lug your baby around in a heavy infant car seat, especially if had a cesarean!  Car seat safety is so important! That is why a car seat that converts into a stroller can really help you. […]

Pre­Roadtrip Car Prep 

*This is a sponsored post. Content is my own. Pre­Roadtrip Car Prep  If you are planning a road trip, it is a good idea to make sure your car is prepared for the journey and that you have all the things you need to make your trip as safe as possible. Here are some things to do […]

Things to do in downtown Seattle with kids on a budget

If you plan to visit Seattle with kids, here are some ideas to make sure the entire family has a great time, on a tight budget! Seattle can be very expensive, especially if you plan on paying for the entire family to visit a paid attraction, like the Experience Music Project, Space Needle or Pacific […]

Fun Times At Embassy Suites

Fun Times At Embassy Suites Me and my family had the wonderful opportunity to visit and stay at the Embassy Suites in Portland, Oregon! Oh my what a wonderful time we had and it was MUCH needed!!! First of all, when we pulled up to the Embassy Suites, it was right off the road, kind […]

Top tips for making your car child-friendly

It’s the time of year when many of us are making long trips in the car, and finding ways to keep the kids occupied is more important than ever. Why not make the back seat into their very own space? Passsmart.com have written some tips recommending some fun car accessories, how to store toys in […]

Car Covers: The Leading Supplier Of Automotive Covers

  carcovers.com is the leading supplier of automotive covers in the USA. Their website has a great selection of car covers, SUV, truck, van, Hummer covers as well as accessories too. So lots of inventory to choose from. My hubby chose the Ultimate Shield SUV Cover For 1972 Chevrolet Blazer K5, to check out. I love how […]