How to drive a rear-wheel drive car in the snow

*This is a sponsored post. Content is my own. Now that the winter weather is upon us, here are some tips on How to drive a rear-wheel drive car in the snow:  1.Put some sand bags in the back of your car to weigh it down to minimize swerving. 2.  Slow down and don’t press too hard […]

Planning For The Holidays

*This post is sponsored by Chevrolet Traverse. I am a Chevrolet owner. I can’t believe the holidays will be here shortly. It seems like we just were starting our summer break! Now I have a lot of holiday planning to do, and I can’t do it alone! I need my family to help out or it gets really chaotic!  […]

How to prepare your car for winter weather

*This is a sponsored post. content is my own. Many of us will be facing dangerous driving conditions this winter.  Always make sure the vehicle you are driving is a safe vehicle, like an Audi. You can check out more vehicles at Below, you will find a helpful list of things to make sure […]

What to do if you get stuck in the snow when driving?

*Sponsored post. Content is my own. If you get stuck in the snow when driving this winter, here are some tips that might help to get you out safely: Make sure you carry the following items in your car in case you do get stuck in the car for an extended time: a couple of […]

Inspiring Imaginative Play With Hot Wheels Toys! #SparkingAwesome

*This is a sponsored post. Products were received but opinions are always my own. When I see my kids using their imaginations and playing together peacefully, I take a step back and just watch (sometimes I film it!). I absolutely love watching my kids play, making forts out of blankets, using certain items from around […]

Where are the best and worst drivers?

*Sponsored Post. Content Is My Own. Where are the best and worst drivers? Do you live in a safe or dangerous place to drive?  It is crazy, every time I drive, I come across at LEAST one idiot who is not paying attention. It drives me BATTY. I can’t stand people who are so distracted […]

Best and worst commuting cities in 2015

*Sponsored post. Content is my own. We have all been stuck in traffic before and it is no fun. Sitting there for minutes to hours is too long for me. I want to be in a vehicle that is not only very comfortable, but has a good radio and other fun additions. I love the new […]

Center Parcs of Europe

*Sponsored Post Written By Katy If you are planning a trip to Europe with the family, you might consider staying at a Center Parc. I don’t think they are very well known in the US, so you might not have heard of them, but they are very popular in the UK and Europe. Center Parcs is made up of 26 luxurious holiday villages set in forests throughout Europe. There are 5 parks in the UK and 21 in Europe, throughout France, Belgium, Holland […]

Car Shopping With Kids

*This is a partnered post. Opinions and story is my own. Car Shopping With Kids Oh my goodness, car shopping with kids is not something I would recommend to anyone! I have three little kids so going places with them and just me (without my hubby) is very trying. I am not saying my kids […]

The Best Travel Apps To Improve Your Time On The Road

This summer is going to be all about traveling! I cannot wait to hit the road with my family! I know we will have so much fun. I just want to be prepared and being prepared does not just mean having your suitcases packed with the right things. Being prepared also means having the best […]