A Child Was Left In A Hot Car

*This post includes my affiliate links. You know what? Every single year, I hear about how a mom, dad or caregiver left their precious bundle in the car. Forgot about them. The day was hot, the baby was warm and sweating. The parents or caregiver NEVER comes back for them. Why? They forgot. Maybe they […]

Osama bin Laden Dead! What Now?

Obviously most everyone who has the internet, tv or loved one, they know that Osama bin Laden is dead!!! I don’t normally celebrate a death, but this one is one to celebrate, in my opinion. His body is in US custody!!! This is certainly a day to remember…. May God bless our troops and EVERYONE […]

May She Rest In Peace :(

I was shocked, like I am sure many were, to find out yesterday morning (Sunday) about Brittany Murphys death. I was speechless. I have always loved her and her movies. She was a little different, lol, and that is what I loved about her and her acting! I just watched a movie with her in […]

A Year W/Out My Friend :( And VGNO

Lydia Jessamine Edwards Lanahan (December 27, 1979-April 17, 2008) So, it has been a year today (April 17th) that my very dear, sweet friend commited suicide. Me and her were pregnant together. I remember her coming to my house big and pregnant and soo happy. She gave birth to a little boy, Cooper about a […]