Practice Safe Breath Everywhere With Dentyne’s New Split2Fit Pack!

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CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO Janice Cooper #1189!! Have you ever had that moment when you were out and about and ran into someone you know? They come right up to you and  start chit chatting right away, leaving you NO chance in heck to grab for a piece of gum or mint? Seriously, I have had this happen before and though I do not have bad breath (okay, in the morning I do, but who doesn't???), I DO like to have a FRESH mouth when I speak to someone... and having a quick piece of gum to pop into my mouth is really important to me! Well, now I don’t have to be a breath offender because I now practice safe breath everywhere with Dentyne’s New Split2Fit Pack!! Yep, I received a big package of this gum and I am in love with it. I usually don't like overly mintish gum, but this gum is not only a bit minty but I swear it has a watermelon flavoring to it! I don't know if it is because I am pregnant and overly sensitive to tastes, but this definitely has a bit of watermelon flavoring to … [Read more...]

Limited Editon Dentyne Bottles Review

Have you seen the new limited edition Dentyne Bottles? The artist, Anthony Yankovic designed them and they are pretty cool. I received two bottles of the limited editon Dentyne bottles. The gum inside is the same flavors of Dentyne, the difference is the container it comes in and the design on that container/s. I really liked the different design on the bottle. The bottle itself that it comes in was kind of bulky for me. I like real compact things, afterall, I am a Mom with a diaper bag full of "stuff"! So, I was not all that happy about the size of the gum bottles, but my husband loved them! Guys like big things anyways, right? He also noticed the design right away and really thought that was cool too. But, the thing I did like about this bottle, was that I can reuse it! I can put snacks in it for the kids or use if for paper clips or something like that, because the design is really cool. This is not a container I would want to throw away. Also, when you open the container, be … [Read more...]