Saving Money and Looking Great! #SeeMuchMore


Congrats to Lindsay McCain *This post is brought to you by VSP. Opinions are my own. What is the secret of saving money and looking great? Well, there are a lot of ways to do this! I love saving money and I adore finding things I totally love and want at a great price. But, if I can find them at second-hand stores, that is even a bigger score!! I shop A LOT at Ross. We have one really close to us and that is the first place I venture, when I need some clothes or my kids need clothes. I also go to the second-hand store around here, to see what 'new' things they have in. I always end up finding something really stylish and on sale! Just yesterday, I went out and shopped with my daughter and little boy. I found great deals and I can't wait to wear the cute pieces that I found! My daughter, son and baby even got some really cute things and my pocketbook is NOT drained! I did good! I also recently visited the eye doctor and found out I do not see as good as I used to! I … [Read more...]

TwoSmiles 15% Off Gift Cards!


Psst! Guess what? The holidays are coming! I know school just started, summer just ended and the back to school rush has JUST worn off, I get that, I DO.. But, the holidays are coming! I start prepping for the holidays in August. I think I do this because of my line of business, I have to. I start getting products lined up for my holiday gift guide and products start coming in. I have to stay organized and that means I have to be in the holiday mind frame early or it can get bad, quickly! Since I am already thinking about the holidays, maybe it would not be a bad thing for all of you to start thinking about them too! can get you gift cards at 15% off from select retailers! How about that to help get you into the holiday shopping mood? ;)       Get 15% Off Select Gift Cards!  Visit and browse the list of select merchants, (see below). Create and print your gift and use the code – SUMMER15 at checkout to get 15% … [Read more...]

SOBO Ultra Age Repairing Cream


* This post is Powered by BrandBacker, opinions are my own. Getting older is not fun, especially when your face starts showing it. I know I can't stay young forever, but I certainly want to look good trying to! I was sent the SOBO Ultra Age Repairing Cream to review. It is a nice facial cream that is very moisturizing but not greasy feeling. It is light feeling, but when I put it on, it is rich and makes my skin so soft. It makes the lines around my mouth appear to be less noticeable and I have not had a break out using this cream, so that is GOOD. I really like this cream because it not only makes my face feel/look good, but it also has organic moisturizers in it. Soothing, all-natural jojoba oil and apricot kernel oil work together to moisturize and smooth for a healthy, youthful glow and drastically improved overall appearance. It also includes resveratrol, squalene, and hyaluronic acid to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by up to 50% within just 28 days. I have … [Read more...]

Coupon Code For Jewelry In Candles! Grab It!


*This post contains my affiliate sales links. I love candles and jewelry is just fun when it is combined with anything, right? I am sure you have heard about the cool candles with jewelry in them, haven't you? Well, they are really cool and I have a coupon code for Jewelry In Candles! Yay!   Use Coupon Code: JicIsHot - For 25% off! Good from 06/01/14 to 07/01/14! Enjoy! One time use per customer Not valid for Scent of Month or unless otherwise specified on the product No min/max quantity Valid for customers only If you want to become a Rep, you can do that too! I signed up for FREE! Totally worth it, especially since I love candles anyways! What scent is your favorite, from Jewelry In Candles?? Mine would have to be the Honeydew Melon, pictured above! … [Read more...]

San Diego Hat Company: Spring/Summer 2014 collection of kids’ hats (Review)

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*Product received. Opinions are mine. Summertime is THE time to cover that head and shield it from that fierce sun! I can't count how many times I have gone out in that blaring sun, only to come back in, hours later with a burnt head! OUCH! No fun! So now that I am older and much more decrepit, I am sure to wear hats more, when I am outdoors. My kids are wearing hats too, I make sure of that! The San Diego Hat Company has some very cute hats. I had a chance to browse through the adorable Spring/Summer 2014 Collection of kids hats and got to review two! So adorable! They arrived rather quickly and my son and daughter quickly grabbed up which one they wanted. And, they wore them for the rest of the evening! So cute! My little baby boy even snagged up one of them when his brother was at school! Nice to know he likes them too! I got the Kids Fidel hat and the Skull Driver Hat. Both are way too cute and even cuter on my babies :) The Skull Driver cap is fun. I love the skull … [Read more...]

Cate & Chloe: Get 30% Off First Month Of The VIP Program!

*Product will be received, opinions are mine. This post contains my affiliate links. I am sure a lot of you saw my post and review for Cate & Chloe last month and a lot of you entered the fun giveaway! I still wear my necklace out, all the time, I love it! Cate & Chloe sell really pretty jewelry. They retail from $69 to $135. Plus, you can join their VIP Club and get $200 worth of jewelry, delivered to your door for as low as $39.99 a month! AND, there is free shipping on every order!  Coupon Code For YOU! For the month of June, Cate & Chloe would like to offer you all, a 30% off coupon code, for your first month of their VIP program! You can find out more, about their Cate & Chloe VIP Membership here! Just enter coupon code: shopwithmemama30 for a 30% discount on the first month of their VIP subscription box (their standard month-to-month subscription) if you purchase in June! Yay!!!     … [Read more...]