Tips to Heat Your Home Safely This Winter

*Guest Post. The next time you turn up your thermostat, please keep in mind that home heating fires are the most common in winter months. In fact, half of all home heating fires happen between December and February! So scary! Some people need a helping hand. That is where the U.S. Fire Administration suggests reaching […] Is A Wonderful New Resource for Seniors!

*This post is brought to you by Opinions are my own.     Guess what? May 27, 2015 is National Senior Health & Fitness Day, yay!! Because of this, I wanted to share with you, is a wonderful new resource for seniors! My mom doesn’t like this whole ‘getting old‘ thing. She can’t bring […]

The Right Cellphone for Grandma, Grandpa! Clarity Pal Is Here!

Do you have grandparents? What about grandparents that are hard of hearing and would still, love to speak with you and others on the phone? Poor grandparents, what are they to do, if their cell phone that they do have, does not have a great volume on it? That is where Clarity Pal comes in […]