Let’s Do A Reality Check, Shall We?

*My Affiliate Links Are In This Post. Some days I wake up and think, ugh, another day? I sometimes have way too much on my mind and just don’t feel like doing it all. I feel overwhelmed! But, there are also days where I literally bounce out of bed ready to tackle whatever may come […]

MemberWhen Audio Storytelling, What Is YOUR Story? (Giveaway)

*Sponsored Post. I received a free MemberWhen Podcast. Opinions are my own. I am sitting here, writing this blog post and I am crying! My parents are getting older, my family is getting older, I am getting older. Why do we HAVE to get older? I hate it. I really don’t like my mommy and […]

Going To The Beach For Spring Break!

*Sponsored Post. Opinions Are My Own. I remember when I was younger, we would always travel to the beach with my huge family of 9. We would pack up the huge wooden paneled red station wagon with a car carrier on the top and off we would zoom, Going To The Beach For Spring Break! With […]

Delicious Game Day Food Ideas

*This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx.com on behalf of Single Edition Media. Nothing is better than having a reason to get together with family and friends and devour good food and snacks. We are not big sports fans, but if there is a reason to get some people to our home, then we will do it. Even […]

4 Tips For Holiday Travel With Kids (Hey, It’s Never Easy!)

*This post is brought to you by Lynch Chevrolet Of Mukwonago. Opinions are my own. If you are going to be traveling for the holidays, and you have little kids in tow, you might need these 4 tips for holiday travel with kids, that I have put together. Kids can get cranky, tired, hyper, etc.. […]

Tips for Finding Balance Between Parenting and Addiction Recovery

Tips for Finding Balance Between Parenting and Addiction Recovery Are you battling addiction while trying to raise young children? Finding a method for balancing the two can often be difficult without planning ahead. As you might imagine, recovering from addiction will require a great deal of your time, energy, and attention – which is also […]

Preparing Your Vehicle For Holiday Traveling

*This post is brought to you by Century 3 Chevrolet. Opinions are my own. Do you travel a lot during the holidays? Since we moved to Idaho, we have been home and haven’t really traveled anywhere. We are still settling in! It sure takes forever… This year, we are just going to stay home for […]

Disney’s The Jungle Book Movie Review

*Product received. Opinions are my own. This post includes my affiliate links. Have you seen Disney’s The Jungle Book Movie? We did not have the opportunity to see it in theaters, so we were SO excited to receive it to review! We watched it TWICE the first day it arrived on our doorstep and absolutely […]

Little House on the Prairie: Legacy Movie Collection

*Product received. Opinions are my own. This post includes my affiliate links. Oh gosh, when I was a child I watched Little House on The Prairie ALL the time. I absolutely loved that show and I still do now. Watching it brings back SO many memories for me. I looked forward to watching this every […]

QUACKERZ Is A Fun-Filled Family Movie

*Product Received. This post includes my affiliate links. Guess what? The cute animated movie, QUACKERZ came out on a two-disc Blu-ray 3D Combo Pack (Blu-ray 3D and 2D, DVD and digital), DVD, iTunes, Redbox and across all major VOD platforms on June 14th! We received a copy to check out and my kids adored this […]