I Caught My Funny Toddler Doing This Today #GrowWithVTech

*This blog post is brought to you by VTech and The Motherhood. All opinions are my own. Having kids is really a hard job but a job I would not trade in for the world. Kids are busy and messy and stinky, but I love it all. Every part of my kids are precious to […]

Funny & Terrifying Craigslist Ads I Came Across

I used to browse Craigslist quite a bit before I started blogging. These Funny & Terrifying Craigslist Ads I Came Across, were really really sad, odd and downright hilarious! Some had me laughing SO hard that I had to save them, because I knew that they would be deleted soon. I wanted to share some of […]

Funny Pictures…

These things just make me laugh.. Totally random funny pictures…   Click on image for source click image for source click image for source Genius!!! click image for source sooo convenient! click image for source click image for source click image for source click image for source click image for source

Bizarre and Cool Products I Found While Stumbling…

We all do it.. stumble that is, right? If you don’t you should! You can find all sorts of interesting things stumbling. If you don’t know what stumbling is, just go here. I like to say STUMBLING… On with it then… ABC Gum Necklace (click image for source) The Woolly Chair (click for image source) […]

Make Him/Her Say Whatever You Want….

LMAO! She or he can say some real naughty things, not that I would have them do that…   http://www.oddcast.com/home/demos/tts/tts_example.php?sitepal Enjoy!

An Interview With My 3 Year Old

I did an interview with my son, when he was 3 years old you can find that here. Now that my daughter is 3, I wanted to do the same thing with her! I compared the two interviews and it is so fun to see what they both said at the same age!! Here is […]

People Of Walmart Book Review

K, now before you all run the heck away from this blog post, you have to admit, People of Walmart (the site) is pretty dang hilarious. I am not here to tell you that ALL of the pictures submitted are hilarious, but the better half of them ARE. Some pictures are mean and probably hurtful […]

Greg's Parody Video: "Say The Things" Do You Recognize Any Bloggers?

LOL! Greg from Telling Dad, is awesome! He just made a parody video called “Say the Things” and it is HILLARIOUS! I cannot believe what an awesome job he did on making it and those that participated (me included 😉 ) You MUST watch it, then when you are done, you BETTER leave a comment! […]

Coming Soon……"Best Viewer Comments…Make Me Laugh!" Take a Peek!

K, so on my giveaways, I have been asking entrants to do some silly things, just to mix it up a bit and not be like everyother blog out there. Well, some entrants say the FUNNIEST things, I literally sit here looking at my computer screen laughing so hard! I LOVE it! I want to […]

Not My Child Monday!

Ya, this week it is “Not My Child Monday as opposed to the “Not Me Monday” 🙂 After reading what my child/ren did NOT do last week, head on over to My Charming Kids and see what others child/ren did NOT do last week! Leave your link below and/or a comment on what Your kids […]