Bubbys Creations Review and a Giveaway!

CONTEST IS OVER! THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO ENTERED!! CONGRATS TO HEATHER GOLDSMITH, COMMENT #35!!! For really cute, personalized stationary I give you “Bubby’s Creations”. I was sent two really cute cards with envelopes in the mail. Very cute and different! That drawing of that house actually looks like the Bacholer house I did my commercial […]

My Princess Party To Go Review & A Giveaway!

CONTEST IS OVER! THANKS TO ALL WHO ENTERED! CONGRATS TO MELISSA, COMMENT #32!!! WOOHOO!! When you have a little girl, you want to make everything about her exsistance well, “girly” I know I do! Especially when it comes to celebrations for them. Whether it be a birthday or a special event, like a baptism or […]

Organicare Fresh Fix Hydrating Mist Winners!!!!

Organicare Fresh Fix Hydrating Mist, Three Winner’s: Carla, comment #46, Laura, comment # 35 and Tamalina, comment #17!!! Congratulations! I sent you all emails. You have 48 hours to confirm your wins!! Woohoo!! Now go enter MORE ๐Ÿ™‚

Zojirushi Mini Bento Stainless Lunch Jar Review & Giveaway!

CONTEST OVER! THANK YOU TO ALL WHO ENTERED! Carol, comment #171, Congratulations!!! Ever pack a lunch for your kids or husband, or yourself, and find you can never keep it fresh, sealed or hot/cold? My thing is I can NEVER seem to find containers or bags to put the lunches in! With two little kids […]

Organicare Fresh Fix Hydrating Mist Review & Giveaway!

CONTEST IS OVER! THANKS TO ALL WHO ENTERED! CONGRATS TO: Carla, comment #46, Laura, comment # 35 AND Tamalina, comment #17!!!! I had the wonderful opportunity to try out a really neat product from Organicare called “Fresh Fix“. Super intrigued and excited to try it out as soon as I received it in the mail. […]

ReSnackit Review

  Have you ever packed your children’s lunch and ran out of sandwich bags in the middle of making it? I know that happens a lot, and it can be so frustrating! Not only does it cost money for those plastic baggies, but they are also not good for our environment. I was contacted by […]

Earthen Instant Peel Review & Giveaway!!!

CONTEST OVER! THANK YOU TO ALL WHO ENTERED! SORRY ABOUT THE SCREWED UP LINK :(! Congrats to Sarah Z. comment #48!!! I had the chance to try out Earthen InstantPeel and it is truly amazing. I think I pretty much like everything about this product. What is this product that I like so much? It […]

Skin Free Review

  I was contacted by Skin Free to do a review, which I gladly accepted. I love great products that are good for your skin. Skin Free is great for (taken off their site): Recommended for individuals with: Extreme Dry Skin Skin or Fragrance Allergies Psoriasis Dermatitis Eczema Pregnant Moms Babies The Elderly Diabetics Renal […]

Kajeet Cell Phone Review & Giveaway!!!

CONTEST IS OVER! CONGRATULATIONS TO SUSAN P. NELSON, COMMENT #6!!! THANKS TO ALL WHO ENTERED!! I don’t have a teenager yet, but will in about 10 years, yikes! But, when my children are old enough to actually want a cell phone of their own, it is nice to know my options! With the new Kajeet […]

I want to win this Balance Bike for my Boy!

K, I really want to win this Balance Bike for my boy! So, in order to be entered in this fab contest at 5 Minutes for Mom, I need to tell you the first time I got on a bike and tried to ride it… Well, I really did not learn to ride a bike […]