Prepare A Fresh Meal With Plated And Clean Up The Mess With OxiClean! (Giveaway)


CONGRATS TO Kathryn Duryea Cort #2586! *Products received, opinions are mine. This post has my referral code included in it. I am not sure about you, but I like QUICK and easy meals to make my family! By the end of the day, the very last thing I want to do is slave away in the kitchen! NO.... I do like to cook, but I just don't LOVE it. This is where Plated comes into the mix! Plated is a delivery service that gives you all the ingredients you need to cook a great meal at home! These are all Chef designed recipes, yum! Sounds very cool, doesn't it?! So now, I can cook something really special and I will have all those yummy ingredients right there in front of me! No having to brave this cold weather and the sweet people at the grocery store!   Ordering from Plated is easy to do! Put in your zip code to make sure that they cover/deliver in your area then, just browse and choose which recipes/menus you would like to make, select your delivery date and have your … [Read more...]

3 month supply of FertilAid for Women and Men Trying To Conceive Giveaway! #TTC


*CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO Courtney Elizabeth Briody #1517! I know when I was trying to conceive, I had a lot of problems. It took me about 3 years to get the littlest one I have now. It was SO hard and draining, sad, crazy, depressing and I was a mess!! Every month when my pregnancy tests came back negative I was just broken all over again :( I had people 'try' to help me out by giving me advice... oh there should be a book on what NOT to say to someone who is desperately trying to conceive.. sigh. I know they meant well, but Oh my goodness, no, just NO! I tried everything to get pregnant with my third miracle. Everything from Trying to Conceive psychic readings (which ended up SPOT ON btw...), to Clomid and IUI's... It was horribly draining!!! So I totally 'get it' I do! I was seriously beginning to think I was infertile :( But, after lots of prayers and trying different ways, we finally conceived our third baby! It was the month we took off.... seriously, it was... GO … [Read more...]

Safely store your items with the Lifetime Storage Shed From! #Giveaway


CONGRATS TO  Bret Hurst #6002!! *This giveaway is brought to you by Who couldn't use more room or storage for their things? I know we could! My hubby really likes to bring home various car parts and other nick knacks and our yard is not very pretty to look at right now, sigh :( We were going to invest in a huge shop on the side of our home, but that kind of did not work out. So, we are back to storing things outside and inside of a smaller shop on our property. I cannot wait to get more storage though, ugh. I  know in many parts of the US, there is SNOW and lots of it. We, on the other hand, had NOT had snow, like at all. I am so sad about this and get very jealous seeing others post their snow day pictures on Facebook :( Can't some just come here at least for a day or two?? Since we have no snow, we have had rather nice weather. Like clear blue skies with decent temps kind of weather. I know many people would die for this kind of weather right now, but me, … [Read more...]

Cold and Flu Season Hits Its Peak This Month #swissherbs #callinwell (Giveaway)


CONGRATS TO Xty Serafico-Cruz #2723 *Product received. Opinions are mine. My little girl, last week, was off from school. She had come down with the dreaded flu, poor little lovins :( Breaks my heart!!! So I took care of her and now she is feeling SO much better. But she was down for a FULL 7 days from this flu! She thought she was getting better, than she got sick again. It was a very weird flu. My son, started feeling sick on Friday so I had him stay home from school. He ended up feeling better the next day, so it was only my little girl who got this flu, so far. I hope it stays away now! No one likes to throw up :( Now that my household is feeling a bit better, I pray no colds come our way! As the cold and flu season hits its peak this month, Ricola, the leading manufacturer of soothing herb cough drops from Switzerland, is encouraging you to trade in your sick days for well days by inviting you to “Call in Well.” Now through January 31st, you can call 1-855-4-WELLDAY or … [Read more...]

Look At All Of These Wonderful Beauty Products! (Giveaway!!!) #OnMyWay2Fab


CONGRATS TO Allison Swain Downes #1971! *Product was received. Opinions are mine! Who loves their beauty products? This girl right here!! I absolutely cannot get enough of them! The more the better :) Did you all watch the  2014 People’s Choice Awards (PCAs)? I did and loved it! I always love seeing what the stars are wearing! On  Wednesday, January 8th, I watched Tim Gunn live on red carpet one hour before the show and was able to see all of the fabulous looks! LOVED it! Some of my new favorite products from P&G and Walgreens is the new  COVERGIRL truMAGIC Pore Minimizer. I swear I should have invented this stuff! In my other beauty posts, I am sure you have read how I ALWAYS put moisturizer OVER my makeup to give it that finished, unwrinkled makeup-y look. Well, the COVERGIRL truMAGIC Pore Minimizer is the same dang thing! It smoothes out my skin making it look absolutely flawless. I loved it so much that I also just bought the COVERGIRL truMAGIC bronze pore … [Read more...]

Strappys Decorative Bra Straps (Review and Giveaway)


CONGRATS TO Melina Ramirez #876! Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. I love wearing off the shoulder type shirts. They are just so cute and kind of sexy! But showing off your bra strap is not too sexy. One way to dress up your plain bra straps is to wear the Strappys Decorative Bra Straps instead! Now, when I first received these I was so confused on how they were to be used. The directions were not very good and I was left with these straps and my imagination... but it was not that hard to figure out after all :) So, these straps are obviously for your strapless or convertible bra, not for your regular bra. So, if you have a gorgeous off the shoulder dress or shirt that you still would like to wear a bra with and could use the support, then these straps are definitely for you. They are pretty and fun! I received the diamond styled bra straps. They are really cute, but they feel kind of cheap (the plastic did). I have not worn them long … [Read more...]