Provide Immune Support This Holiday Season With Puritan’s Pride! (Giveaway!)


CONGRATS TO SHANNA #714! *Product was received. Opinions are mine. Baby, it is COLD outside!!! I really hope snow is on the way soon! I really love the colder weather, but I don't like the colds and sicknesses that come with it, blah. I try to take my vitamins and supplements and give my kids them too. Then I just pray we all won't get sick! Providing immune support is something I take seriously. Puritan's Pride has some great supplements to help support your immune system through this holiday season. There is nothing worse than being sick for the holidays! No one has time for that! Puritan’s Pride has put together a very helpful list of supplements to help provide immune support for the upcoming holiday and winter season. Included in the list are:  Astragalus Extract Echinacea with Goldenseal Root Elderberry Sambucus Astragalus, Vitamin C & Elderberry Maitake Mushroom Extract I received these to try out and so far, so good! Let me explain what each … [Read more...]

Laugh It Up This Holiday Season With Turbo! Giveaway Time! #TurboFastFun

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CONGRATS TO Susan M. Heim #534! *I am a FOX Home Entertainment Insider and received product. Opinions are mine. This post contains an affiliate link. That is right! You will seriously laugh it up this holiday season, if you decide to watch the Dreamworks Animation title Turbo! It is a silly movie that will have you giggling for more!  We received this to check out and we are actually watching it RIGHT this instant and my kids have been glued to the t.v. since it started. I love the characters in this movie. They are so funny and the storyline is way too cute. The little snail is adorable and he makes me want to have a snail pet of my own :) About Turbo: From the creators of Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda comes a hilarious "fun-fueled family adventure"  that proves no dream is too big...and no dreamer too small. When an ordinary snail named Turbo acquires the power of super-speed, his life kicks into overdrive! With the help of a struggling taco stand owner and a … [Read more...]

Fresh Christmas Wreaths (Review & Giveaway)


CONGRATS TO Karen Drake #3656! *Product was received. Opinions are mine. It is seriously beginning to look a lot like... Christmas! Woot! Okay, so it is not even Thanksgiving yet and there is no snow on the ground, to be seen, BUT many (including myself) have Christmas on their minds! I love it :) I already want to decorate for the holidays. Some say before Thanksgiving is too soon, but I say anytime after Halloween (like RIGHT after) is game. I start slowly and add gradually, so it is not too annoying for anyone who comes over to my home :) The first thing I added? A gorgeous fresh Christmas wreath from Christmas Forest. It was packaged with such care and nothing was out-of-place or scrunched when it arrived on my doorstep. Inside the box was a beautiful, fresh from the forest, Christmas wreath for me to adore! The red bow was packaged separately in a bag. I just had to attach the bow to my wreath (or use it as decoration somewhere else in my home!) and hang it … [Read more...]

Take See’s Candies To Your Next Family Gathering! (Giveaway!)


CONGRATS TO Lyza Jo #2180! *Product was received. Opinions are mine. Who doesn't love candy? I know even if you say you don't like it, you are probably lying! Everyone old and young, love or at least LIKE candy. You can't go wrong with it! I was thrilled like no other, when I was invited to review for See's Candies again. I have always loved See's Candies and remember as a child, going into the local See's Candies store at the mall with my mom and buying the chocolate lolli pops! Oh the memories I have! My dad would also buy my mom a box of See's Candies for her birthday every year and my mom looks forward to that. In our stockings each year, my mom would put See's Candies inside. It was (and still is!) always a treat! The yummy goodies I received were the Peanut Brittle, Chocolate Walnut Fudge and a box of chocolate Nuts and Chews. When they arrived, they probably only lasted a week tops, at our home... My husband absolutely loved the Peanut Brittle, we … [Read more...]

Niora Skin Care Review & Giveaway


CONGRATS TO Michele Pineda #1906! *Product was sent to me. Opinions are mine. Oh dear, what can I say? I fear I see the signs of aging on my face. Sigh. Why on earth does one have to get so old and decrepit? It simply is not fair! I want to stay looking young as possible. I mean, it is not like I feel elderly or anything, geesh. So I thought I would try out Niora's Anti-Aging Intensive Program. I was sent the program to try out. I really wanted to try out this particular program because it is supposed to have lots of moisturizers in it and I need that for my parched, dry and retched skin. Here is what is included: 1 Replenishing Cleanser, 8oz 1 Firming Toner, 4oz 1 Facial Intensive Accelerated Repair Moisturizer, 4oz 1 Replenishing Serum, 1oz The replenishing cleanser is really creamy, almost not like a cleanser at all. It is very moisturizing but I am not sure if I feel like my face has gotten clean enough, by using it alone. So I usually follow-up with … [Read more...]

Tiny Love Multi-Task Toys! Giveaway Time! #Gifts

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CONGRATS TO April Yedinak #1185 *Product was received. Opinions are mine. This post contains my personal affiliate link. When you have little ones, you must keep them BUSY! If you don't, trouble can be near. This mama does not like trouble OR messes, so I opt to have a few great, multi-tasking toys at hand for my bundle of energy! Tiny Love has some really cute multi-tasking toys for your baby! I was sent the adorable Follow Me Fred Doggy and the Flexi Play. The Follow Me Fred Doggy is so cute. You just turn him on and set him down. He will bark at you, pant, music will play and he will glide over your floors! My son loves him. My baby will crawl after the doggy and when he touches the doggy, the dog will bark or pant or make music! Every time baby touches the doggy, the doggy makes sounds and keeps him moving! So, it keeps it very interesting for my baby boy! If you just want the dog to move, but don't want to hear him barking every 4.5 seconds, you can simply switch … [Read more...]