Summer Infant’s Bentwood High Chair Giveaway!


Congrats to Rosanne Morrison If you have a little one, you need a good high chair! I have tried it both ways and running around and trying to feed your baby is NOT the way to do it :) I am excited to be giving away the Summer Infant Bentwood High Chair to one lucky reader of my blog! Yay! But first, a bit about the high chair! The Summer Infant’s Bentwood High Chair was recently featured on The Talk! So you know that it is a good high chair!  It is beautiful, modern-styled and worth $169.99. It provides a safe place for your baby to eat during mealtime. Featuring a 3 position recline, 4 position height adjustable seat, compact fold and extended use as an up to the table booster for toddlers, it is the only highchair you will need from birth to 50lbs. It also comes in five different colors. BIG Summer Infant Giveaway!!! Summer Infant is hosting a giveaway of their most fashionable wood products (worth $475). This sweepstakes includes not only the Bentwood High Chair, but also the … [Read more...]

Harvest Snaps: A healthy And Gluten-Free Baked Snack (Review and Giveaway!)

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Congrats to Traci Jarrett, Julie Lynn Bickham and Georgie Cassakena *Product and/or compensation was received. Opinions are my own. I never knew how much a child could eat, until I had my own kids. Oh my goodness, they can EAT. Snacking during the day and then three square meals a day, we are grocery shopping ALL THE TIME! Sure they have some unhealthy things, I cannot monitor EVERYTHING that goes into their pie holes, but I certainly try to! I always try and have healthy snacks available to them, after school. So, when they come in the door and say 'Mom, I am hungry!' I can reach in the fridge and pull out some fresh, cut up veggies or fruits. Those get nibbled up usually, and soon they are out the door playing. That is a GOOD day though... Not every day is THAT easy, sigh.. But, when you are a parent  you have to roll with the punches and make the best of every situation, right? Or at least we TRY. So, when my kids feel like salty snacks, I now have a snack I don't … [Read more...]

Jockey® Skimmies® slipshorts: Because There Is More To Comfort Than Sweatpants! (Giveaway)


Congrats to Theresa Janke I participated in this program on behalf of Jockey and The Motherhood. All opinions are my own I don't think I have ever really been a 'sweatpants' gal. But, I am definitely a 'yoga pants' gal! I wear them ALL the time when I am at home! Out of the house, nah, I opt for jeans :) But, since it is summertime and things are heating up, I want to be even more comfy and not so confined to my yoga pants, know what I mean? I want total comfort! And, I want my legs to be able to BREATH! Especially when I workout in the mornings, from the comfort of my home! Hey, I think it is time the women of America join Jockey to redefine what comfort means, because there’s more to comfort than sweatpants. Don't you agree?! I received a super comfy pair of Jockey® Skimmies® slipshorts to check out. Oh my goodness, they are soo comfortable. Not only are they comfy though, they don't have any panty lines!! Yay! I HATE panty lines showing when I wear my yoga pants! … [Read more...]

Simplify Your Summer with Dawn Hand Renewal! Giveaway #MyDawnSummer


Congrats to Carla M. Dunn *This review was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Dawn. I was provided the featured product free of charge to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine I do not mind washing my dishes by hand. It has never bothered me at all. In fact, the last two houses I lived in, did not have a dish washer, so I was left with no choice but to hand wash all my dishes. I actually preferred it anyways as they just seemed cleaner to me. I always chose a really good dish soap that would really clean my dishes. But I was left with dried out hands :/ That was always a problem for me. If only Dawn Hand Renewal dish soap was around back then! I do have a dishwasher now, in this house, but I still find myself actually washing all of the dishes before putting them inside the dishwasher. Talk about clean dishes when they come out! But, it is totally worth it to me and my dishes are beautiful! Now that I do know about Dawn Hand Renewal Dish Soap, I use … [Read more...]

Reach Complete Care Toothbrush Review and Giveaway Time!

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Congrats to Jessica To *Product received, opinions are mine. We all have to brush our teeth. Heavens, if we do not, they will rot out of our head! No one wants that for themselves or their loved ones. I know I don't! Whoosh! I received some of the new Reach Complete Care Toothbrushes to review. They were adult ones, so I gave some to my mother-in-law, hubby and of course me! These toothbrushes actually just launched and I was excited to see if they really were any different from my regular toothbrush. Reach Complete Care features an industry first: patent pending triple angle technology that provides three different angles of bristle cleaning (left, straight and right). The technology maximizes vertical surface contact for a superior plaque removal. I have been using my Reach Complete Care toothbrush for about a week now. So far, my teeth 'feel' cleaner and more 'scrubbed' feeling. So far, so good. The head on these toothbrushes are much bigger than I am use to … [Read more...]

Choosing Sunscreen and Tips to Stay Safe in The Sun! (Sunscreen Giveaway!)


Congrats to Michelle Chappell Now that the sun is starting to beat down on us like crazy, it is time to lather on that sunscreen and protect our skin. Sure, we should wear sunscreen EVERY day of the year, but summertime is when I think about it the most. I have had bad sunburns before and I NEVER want to 'go there' again! OUCH. Not only are sunburns super painful, but they are down right destructive too. I use to do tanning beds ALL the time, but now that I am older, I opt to NOT use them anymore. I care more for my skin, I just hope it is not too late :/ So, when me and the littles venture outdoors, sunscreen is always with me. I have a few tips for using sunscreen below. I hope that it will help someone, somewhere to NOT get burned like I did!! Tips To Stay Safe In The Sun: *Put sunscreen on BEFORE you go outdoors! Don't wait until you are IN the sun to do it. *If you are going in the water a lot, reapply OFTEN. Don't just go by what the sunscreen directions … [Read more...]