New Pampers Diapers Available At Target (Giveaway Too!)


CONGRATS TO Rachel DeHart #3473! *Product received, all opinions are mine. If you read my blog, you know I love Pampers! It is all I use on my baby's tiny, adorable bottom! They fit him right, they move with him and they rarely ever leak, unless he has a huge blowout, then, well, you can't really control that! Whoosh! Pampers is the worlds leading diaper brand, and I can see why! They are great diapers! Right now,  Pampers is celebrating the launch of major upgrades across its entire line of diapers, training pants and wipes. As if they weren't wonderful already, now they are improved? Someone pinch me! As soon as my son was born (well, as soon as ALL my babies were born) they were put in Pampers Swaddlers ( the #1 choice of hospitals). Oh how I absolutely adore the Swaddlers!! Now, the Pampers Swaddlers go up to size 5, so I am totally happy! The Pampers Cruisers are more absorbant now and they move extra freely with your little crawlers and wigglers! The … [Read more...]

Rejuvenator Microbubble Shower Head (Giveaway)


CONGRATS TO Breanne Tennant #3873! *Product was received. All opinions are mine. This post contains my personal affiliate links. I have to say, I love taking my nightly showers! That is my ONE time and one time only, I get to myself (unless my daughter jumps in too, sigh!). So, when I get into that shower, I want it to be LUXURY! Of course the shower head is EXTREMELY important. I was sent the Rejuvenator Microbubble Shower Head to check out. I had hubby install it (only took him 5 minutes tops) and we left in our old one, so I could have a dual shower going on! Yes, you can leave your old one hooked up and use it WITH the Rejuvenator Microbubble Shower head!!! So cool :) Things I Like About This Shower Head: It has a long hose! I can reach all those hard to hit places AND I can clean my shower easily with it!!! Yay!!! I love that I can still have my old shower head connected so I can get two showers going at once!! If you don't want two showers at once, simply … [Read more...]

Everyday Occasions Cardmaking Kit from Stampin’ Up!® (Giveaway!)


CONGRATS TO Jane Stickle Maritz #1581! *Product was received. All opinions are mine. This post contains my personal affiliate link. Don't you love making things yourself? I use to make things ALL the time, before kids that is. Now, I am lucky if I get to sit down for 10 minutes to check the kids homework! Yikes! But, I LOVE crafting and I miss it terribly :( So, when I was asked if I wanted to review a very cute kit from Stampin' Up! I was so happy!!!! I received the Everyday Occasions kit. The kit comes with EVERY THING you need to make 20 handmade cards! Hey, I can do this! It arrived it a really cute, crafty box and inside was all the goodies needed to make me some really sweet cards! I love that you can easily make these cards and they are literally mess-free (unless you have kids, then it can be a bit messy!) and they are really fun to make :)    The only thing this kit does not come with is scissors and glue, otherwise it has everything you need! The ways to make … [Read more...]

Produce for Kids Virtual Launch Party! Come On And Join In The Fun!!! #ProduceforKids

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*Gift Card will be received. All opinions are mine. I always try to have fresh fruits and veggies around for my kids, when they are hungry. Better to fill them up on the good stuff instead of other things, right? It is so important to offer these healthy foods to my kids to help them not only eat better as children, but to build a life long love for all things healthy and good for them, so they will love these foods as adults too! I grew up absolutely LOVING fresh from the garden veggies. My dad ALWAYS has a garden and every year I would help pull the weeds and pick the wonderful veggies from it. I remember going outside to play all day and when I got hungry (and it was summertime..) I would simply go into the garden and pick some green beans or tomatoes for a snack! Oh the simple things! So, I was totally excited to be a part of the Produce For Kids Virtual Launch Party and to be able to tell you all about it! Produce for Kids (PFK) is an organization that … [Read more...]

The Best Deal I’ve Ever Found on Cyber Monday! ($200 Visa eGift Card Giveaway!!)


CONGRATS TO Kimberly Snyder #9151! *The giveaway is sponsored by All opinions are mine. I absolutely cannot believe that the holidays are coming up!!! Sooo crazy! That means it is time to gear up for those Christmas gifts you buy every year, right? Cyber Monday Sales are coming and I want to be sure that I get in on ALL those great deals this holiday season! I am always so giddy when I find a great sale on something my kids REALLY wanted for Christmas! The best deal I ever found, on Cyber Monday, was a toy my son had been wanting. It was the VERY last one and it was 75% off!! I was ecstatic about this fabulous find that I had in my hands! Needless to say, my son was thrilled too! I seriously saved SO much money and I will never forget the smile on my boys face and on mine!! Ha! Some Of My Cyber Monday Tips! Shop early (yes, even online!!!) Always see if there is a coupon available on top of the deals already at hand!!! (, yo!) Buy … [Read more...]

Change Your Clock Change Your Battery® (Energizer Prize Package Giveaway!)


CONGRATS TO Vera Khule #1303! *Product was received, opinions are mine. This post contains my personal affiliate links. When I was younger I always forgot to change back my clock, when it was time. I also used it as an excuse as to why on earth I was late the next day.. Now with the internet, it is kind of hard to 'forget' to change those clocks forward or back. No more excuses!! Since it is Fall now, time is coming for us to set our clocks BACK one hour on November 3rd. You know the saying "Fall Back, Spring Forward?" Ya, that one.. And, since you are doing THAT it is also a great reminder to go around your home and change/check all those batteries in your smoke alarms and  carbon monoxide detectors. We do this every year and I hope you all do too. Energizer , the International Association of Fire Chiefs, and fire departments nationwide join forces for the Change Your Clock Change Your Battery® program, to raise awareness of the importance of working smoke … [Read more...]