New FROG TROUBLE Collection designed by Sandra Boynton At Cracker Barrel (Giveaway!)


CONGRATS TO Wendi Carroll Shifflette #2623!! *Product was received. This is a feature.  Oh such cute things are in the new Frog Trouble Collection designed by Sandra Boynton at Cracker Barrel!!! I received a beautiful gift basket filled with some goodies from this fabulous collection! The gift basket has so much in it! A $50 Cracker Barrel Gift Card (yay!!), Al the Plush Alligator Backpack, a harmonica, a box of cards, some books and more! So cute! More About Sandra Boynton: A cartoonist and children’s book author, Sandra Boynton imagines unique characters that inspire children and adults alike. Numerous musical albums, best-selling books and toys have entertained children for years and now Cracker Barrel is partnering with Sandra to create a new and exciting world for all  to enjoy! The exclusive collection of toys, games, musical instruments and much more is now available online or at any location, while supplies … [Read more...]

Rubber Duckie & Friends showerheads make bath time play time! (Giveaway & Feature)


CONGRATS TO Vikki Billings #1178! *Product was received. This is a feature only. I don't know about you, but my kids do not enjoy taking time out of their busy day, to take a bath. My son is especially hard to get to take a bath! It can be very stressful to say the least. So, I try to make bathtime a fun time! With the Rubber Duckie & Friends Showerheads, now bathtime can be fun! Hopefully, when I introduce this to my kids, they will want to take a bath and/or shower more often! They can take a bath/shower all in one tub! Too much fun! About Rubber Duckie & Friends Showerheads: Rubber Duckie & Friends™ bath accessories are great for kids of all ages. Because we look like bath toys we can help mom and dad transition their kids from bathing in the tub to taking showers on their own. Our gentle, low-flow spray is soft enough to bathe infants and toddlers in the tub. Then, as your kids grow, we can become their first shower head. Rubber Duckie & Friends™ … [Read more...]

My Urban Child Anatex Wooden Bench (Review and $20 GC Giveaway!)

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CONGRATS TO Kimberly Bauer #442! *Product was received. Opinions are mine! I love finding furniture for my kids. They feel so big when I bring home a little chair, table set or bench for them! They have their own little play area and I like to make it as comfy and homey as possible for them.   I recently received a cute little Anatex Wooden Bench to review. My hubby had this put together rather quickly and soon my little ones were sitting on it. It is really cute and looks great in our entryway (the kids can sit on it to take off their shoes!) or in their toy room for them to sit on and work on projects. It is sturdy and really nice looking. I am pleased with it and so are the kids. My Urban Child has some really great products, a wide variety! They have quality, modern home décor and more. From cribs and modern crib bedding to changing tables and mini rocking chairs, they have everything to help you complete your baby's nursery in style and comfort. As your child grows, they … [Read more...]

Look! We Caught Santa At Our Home!! (Giveaway Time Again!) #icaughtsanta


CONGRATS TO Shani F.#99! Patricia Wojnar Crowley #81! Melissa Moore Vandenbossche #69! Lisa Read Painter #110! Jill McHale #5! Allicia Price #43! Lindsay McCain #23! Becca Ann Peters #132! Ashley M.#124! Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. Nothing like capturing old Saint Nick at your home! The kids love it and I have some serious fun creating it! There is tons of fun to be had when Santa gets caught in YOUR home!   My brother Scott, caught Santa sitting on his head!! My goodness Santa!!! No! The site,, is really fun and cute. You can download any photo and then pick which Santa you want in your pictures. You can make Santa BIG or small or medium, to fit your pictures. You can also add a border, like I did, to your pictures and you can add reindeer and other festive things too! I had fun with this site! Do you send Christmas cards/eCards?  Now you can add Santa to make a unique Christmas card.  Add him to a family photo or add … [Read more...]

Don’t Have Cold Feet This Winter!!!! (Feature & Giveaway!)

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CONGRATS TO Deb Schroeder #1817! *Product was received. This is a feature only. I hate having cold feet! I am one to ALWAYS wear warm socks, throughout the year. I even wear them to bed :) I love warm, fuzzy socks. Did you know that Heat Holders are the warmest socks ever?  They are over 7x warmer than regular cotton socks and 3x warmer than ordinary thermal socks. They are better than heated, electric or battery operated socks because you can just put them on without fussing with batteries, wires etc. Heat Holders® means No more cold feet! They are made using a unique 3 step process which makes them the Warmest Thermal Socks! Check out the video below! Heat Holders are for everyone in your family! From mom, dad and kids too!!! Now everyone can stay warmer this holiday season! They also come in different colors, so you never get bored! Woot! Buy You can purchase these comfy, warm socks online at Right now, you can get … [Read more...]

Air Huntess Z-Curve Bow Giveaway and Feature!


CONGRATS TO Lisa Read Painter #230! *Product was received. This is a feature only. Just because you have a little girl in the house, does not always mean roses, dolls and makeup! Sure my girl loves all those things, but she also enjoys being a tom boy too! After all, her bestfriend IS her older brother! I know she is going to love the new Air Huntess Z-Curve Bow! Her brother and her are going to have a blast with it, even though it is pink! ;) The Air Huntress Z-Curve Bow is the ULTIMATE bow and arrow combo designed with girl power in mind! Load up with a Zonic™ Whistle Arrow, pull back, then READY, AIM, FIRE! Watch as the arrow soars over 125 feet! Includes one Air Huntress Z-Curve Bow, two Zonic™ Whistle Arrows, and one Zartz™ Suction Cup Arrow. Buy You can purchase the Air Huntess Z-Curve Bow online at! It retails for around $24.99. Win! One person is going to win the Air Huntess Z-Curve Bow! How? Easy! Just use the Rafflecopter … [Read more...]