Medallion Rug Gallery Has Amazing Handcrafted Rugs (Review)


*Product was received. Opinions are mine. My carpets can get dirty, very quickly. I am sure you can all relate! With little kids, things just get messy. So, I have a big area rugs in most of my rooms in my home. Half of my home is wood floors and the other half is realllly light-colored carpets. So, having the area rugs to cover my light-colored carpeting and to put on wood floors for the kids playroom is a must. I love the new carpet runner I received to review. I really  needed a runner for my hallway as it gets filthy. I do not allow shoes in my home, but somehow, my carpets, with time, get yucky. Since I just had them cleaned two weeks ago, I was excited to be contacted to review a carpet from Medallion Rug Gallery. The carpet I choose is a beautiful runner. I received the NEW CONTEMPORARY PERSIAN GABBEH AREA RUG. It fits really well in my hallway, I wish it was a bit longer, but it is just beautiful in my hallway. I love it and have received many compliments on it, when … [Read more...]

The Chalk Shop Custom Chalk Review

chalk shop logo

CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO Patricia Wojnar Crowley #647! Who doesn't love chalk? Especially when the weather is nice and you have an awesome place to use it on! We have all sorts of blacktop space (when hubby does not ruin it with his many many projects, sigh..) and the kids love getting out there with a big box of chalk and draw on that blacktop! I love to do it too :) Can't wait till spring again! Whoosh! We received some super cute custom chalk from the Chalk Shop and my kids love it to bits and pieces. Thank heavens we have a black board in the house, where they can use it, since it is pouring rain outside or snowing lately! Oh my goodness do they have adorable custom chalks! Something for everyone, I swear! We received a super cute Glittery Mini Cupcake Chalk and Lego Chalk! My daughter loves the sparkly cupcake chalk, while my son is enjoying the Lego chalk! The Chalk Shop has a great selection of custom chalks to choose from and at great prices too. You will … [Read more...]

Handmade Glycerin Soap by Bath House Soaps!


  Oh heavens how I adore handmade products. Especially when it comes to soaps, lotions and all things bath and body! YUM! Cannot get enough of it!! I have reviewed for Bath House Soaps before, but could not resist when they approached me to review for them again. Oh heck yes! I was able to choose some gorgeous soaps and fragrants to check out. I was so excited when it arrived to my so quickly. They have great customer service and pretty quick shipping. Their site is super easy to navigate and they have so many wonderful fragrances to choose from and product! I was in heaven when it all arrived. My soaps were perfect and just beautifully fragranced. They are so pretty to look at too. All the pretty swirls and stuff in them, make them interesting! I also received a yummy scented lotion that smells like an orange, but also like cinnamon. It is the BEST mix ever. And, when you put the lotion on, it blends in quickly and I swear it leaves like a powdery soft finish on … [Read more...]

emma mckinstry Customizable, Hand-Stamped Jewelry


CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO Debbie Jackson #140!! I love simple things. I don't like to over do  on anything and I certainly do not like over doing it on jewelry. I am just simple :)emma mckinstry  (formerly unique, by emma), makes some pretty nice jewelry. It is not over the top and complicated, it is simply stunning and simple and I love that about her jewelry! She recently came out with some new pieces and I was able to review one of them! I received the beautiful and elegant customizable, hand-stamped necklace to check out. Since my brother just got married not too long ago, I wanted to give this to his wife. So, I had an 's' stamped on the necklace, for my brother's name, Shaun. I did have to put it on though and check it out for myself. It is very delicate and just so pretty and simple! All the things I look for in jewelry. This is perfect for everyday wear and is quite affordable at only $38.00. These necklaces can be customized with a single hand-stamped … [Read more...]

15 Handmade Fall Bath & Beauty Products To Die For!

handmade fall scented soaps

Yep, I did it again. I browsed and could NOT leave without sharing some of my favorite handmade  products. 15 Handmade Fall Bath & Beauty Products! Oh heavens, there are SO many. Wow. Talented people on there, let me tell you! My Top 15 Picks Are... Hot Cinnamon Apple Pie Handmade Soap purchase at: Creamy Dreamy Soap Company Spiced Apple Cider Soap Purchase At: BLSoaps Gift Set of Fall Flavored Lip Balms Purchase At:  Honest and Natural Beeswax, Honey and Beauty Products Fall Harvest Mix Shea Butter Soap Purchase At: Handmade Cowls, Scarves, Neckwarmers, and More Handmade Fragrant Silk Leaf Soap Purchase At: Country Club Soaps Custom Blended Fall Nail Polish Purchase At: Custom-Blended Nail Polish Pumpkin Spice Handmade Organic Soap Purchase At: All Natural Organic Bath & Body Products & Party Favors Fall Bakery Sugar Scrub Set Purchase At: Kristi's Klean Kreations   Sweet Fall Spice Whipped Shea Butter Blend Purchase At: Organic … [Read more...]

Pebble Octopus Rattle Review

baby octopus rattle

CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO Shelly Peterson #793!! As soon as I found out I was pregnant with this little love, I started collecting little things for him/her. It is so much fun to do and so far, I have collected quite a few fun things, like the adorable Pebble Octopus Rattle! OMG, so cute! This is a handmade hand crochet octopus rattle and he is adorable! . He's smiley and friendly, with eight perfectly sized legs!  There's plenty of choice for grabbing and chewing. This little guy is truly fun and cute. I can just picture my baby now, nibbling on his legs! Awwww ;) I really like that this little rattle is machine washable and can be tumble dried on a low setting. That is very nice, because we all know how messy babies can get and make things :) Kahiniwalla:  <ka•'hee•nee•'wal•uh> (Bangla)  n. meaning a purveyor of stories, a storyteller, a traveling story teller; (North America) prop n. meaning a business which distributes Fair Trade product in North America which … [Read more...]