X Cooper Wireless Game Rocker Chair From Hayneedle

gaming chair

CONTEST OVER!  CONGRATS TO Kathy Luman #2510!!     What can you get a guy for Christmas? Well, I have a fun and not so expensive suggestion for you;) The X Cooper Wireless Game Rocker Chair from Hayneedle is quite amazing and fun! If your guy likes to play video games, then this will be his newest best friend during these long, cold Winter months! This chair is soft, comfortable and allows you to have the full gaming experience right in your living room (or wherever you game!). I did not get a picture of it in the box, but it was mostly totally assembled, all we had to really do was add the armrests (which we took off because the kids were sitting on them, ugh). This chair is designed to allow you to tilt and swivel as you play your video games. And, because it is wireless, you can put it in a position that suits your gaming needs. This is a durable vinyl chair that has armrests for your wary game playing arms, that will fold up with ease. Then … [Read more...]

Hayneedle: Blast Zone Magic Castle Bounce House Review


CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO brianna ross #96   I absolutely love shopping for all my needs in one place. I don't like visiting a store online or off, and not finding EVERYTHING I need in a one stop shopping place. Sometimes it is okay,but most of the time, I don't have the time to go searching for something in a million different stores. I mean, who does? Hayneedle is one of those stores, that does have it all. From outdoor play structures to home decor, Hayneedle has what you need all in one convenient place! They have quality merchandise that is long-lasting and sell all name brand products that you have actually heard of before. The site is very easy to navigate and the shipping is quick and painless. I really enjoy shopping with Hayneedle. I had the wonderful opportunity to review the Blast Zone Magic Castle Bounce House from Hayneedle and oh my goodness, my kids actually had a calendar counting down the days when their bounce house would be … [Read more...]

KidKraft Big & Bright Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen Review


CONTEST IS OVER! CONGRATS TO Charity S. #312 Hayneedle has such a large selection of products. I love the variety of products that they have to offer. From Baby, Kids and Home to Furniture, Outdoors and MORE, they have a lot of goodies to choose from. You don't need to visit 300 websites to shop for your holiday gifts, just go to Hayneedle, they have great products for everyone! I love finding sites like this one, that have it all and you don't need to search everywhere for something. It is easy to navigate and the shopping experience is fun! You can't say that about a lot of places! When the kitchen arrived... I had the opportunity to review from Hayneedle. Since my kids play kitchen was totally in dire need of some major repair, I decided to review the wonderful KidKraft Big & Bright Grand Gourmet Corner Kitchen! It arrived exactly when they said it would and boy were we excited to put it together and get it up! Okay, maybe my husband was not excited to … [Read more...]