Guest Post: Simple Tips for A Happier Life

It’s not philosophy: There are simple ways to be instantly happier, with no time restrictions or doctors’ notes. The every day stress related to family, work and finances can fill up our entire mind, leaving no space for us to seek true happiness and take care of ourselves. John Khoury, CEO and founder of Liquic, […]

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution!

We all know that American eating habits have become increasingly unhealthy, and rely too much on processed and fast food. I know that when me and my family are out, it is usually something quick to eat like McDonalds or Taco Bell! Jamie Oliver, I’m sure you’re aware of his new television show on ABC, […]

Tips to keep your kids healthy this Spring

  We all know that when Spring is here, the allergies start acting up, big time! Around here, my daughter gets itchy dry skin, my son gets bloody noses and itchy eyes and I get a horrible itchy nose and throat! Ahh, allergy season!!! UGH! Health and Wellness Expert, Ashok Wahi, a renowned author and […]

Atkins Review & Giveaway!!

CONTEST OVER! THANK YOU TO ALL WHO TOOK THE TIME TO ENTER! CONGRATS TO STEPHANIE GRANT, COMMENT #40!!! Atkins is a powerful lifetime approach to weight loss and weight management. It focuses on a healthy diet with reduced levels of carbs and refined sugars. It encourages the consumption of lean protein, fiber, fruits, veggies and […]