More Hilarious Photo Recreations!


Since my first post about Hilarious Photo Recreations was sooo dang successful, I wanted to post more! When my family gets together, they are silly! … [Read more...]

The Croods Now Available On Blu-Ray, Digital HD, Blu-ray 3D And DVD!! (Giveaway!) #TheCroodsDVD


CONGRATS TO Klydra Pugh #488!! *I am a FHEInsider and receive products to review. All opinions are mine. This post contains my personal affiliate link.   It is true!! The Croods is now available on DVD, Blu-Ray, Blu-Ray 3D AND Digital HD!!! So excited to be able to finally see this cute movie with my kids! Click on image to enlarge and print! Synopsis THE CROODS promises to bring the whole family together “from 4 to 104” (Sam Rubin, KTLA), to delight in “stunning visuals, humor and heart,” (Jim Hill, Huffington Post) as the world’s first family embark on an unforgettable adventure.  The Blu-ray™ and DVD are chock full of fun bonus material that will bring the vibrant, amazing world of THE CROODS home for the whole family to enjoy.  The perfect treat for kids of all ages, THE CROODS Blu-ray™ and DVD comes with a lovable Belt plush toy for a limited time only. Click on image to enlarge and print! I can't wait to see this with my kids, it looks like it will be a … [Read more...]

Hilarious Photo Recreations From Then To Now!

2013-08-08_1659_001 (1)

So, my sweet and beautiful nieces got a bee in their bonnets and came up with the following hilarious photo recreations from their childhood. I absolutely LOVE these pictures and laughed sooo hard! I hope you enjoy them too! If you do, feel free, by all means, to stumble this page and share it! Whoosh!                                       … [Read more...]

A Day In The Life Of A New Daddy (Hilarious Infographic!)

New Dads Infographic 6.5.13 (1)

I wanted to share this funny infographic with you all that is just in time for Father's Day ;) I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! … [Read more...]

An Interview With My Five Year Old

presley girl

I have done this before, with my son and daughter, when they were only 3 years old! It was sooo adorable and now I can go back and take a peak at their answers anytime I want to. I LOVE that I did an interview with them when they were younger! Such a keepsake!!! Now, I wanted to do it with my daughter, again, now that she is 5! They grow WAY too fast, us parents KNOW that! So, I wanted to capture it all again in a blog post. If any of you parents have not done an interview with your little ones before, I HIGHLY encourage it. It is so funny, sweet and heart warming! You can find my other interviews with my kids HERE and HERE. I am asking the SAME questions as I did when they were younger, for comparison. Feel free to take my questions and use them too!! Here we go!! This is my daughter Presley. She is 5 years old. 1. What is something mom always says to you? I love you (Awww!) 2. What makes mom happy? When the baby doesn't cry (LOL!) 3. What makes mom sad? When I … [Read more...]

Melissa McCarthy Launches Ivory Brand’s New Social Community “The Soap Dish”


Actor and Comedian, Melissa McCarthy is bringing simple, everyday humor to Ivory's new Social Community, the "Soap Dish"! She will serve as the brand spokes person and host! The Soap Dish is a place for women to dish about lifes simple truths. Melissa will engage with the readers and it will be loads of fun, you just have to check it out! Melissa McCarthy has become one of Hollywood's most sought after talents. She is a seasoned comedian and character actress who is down-to-earth, charming and honest! The Soap Dish is a light-hearted social community that offers women an outlet to share in the everyday humor and honesty of their lives in an unapologetic manner.You can find the fun community on  the Ivory Facebook page. This is a place where today’s modern mom can come and talk, share opinions, ideas, and maybe a little attitude on what it is that makes her life so complicated. As host of the Soap Dish, McCarthy will invite Ivory fans and followers to join her in dishing … [Read more...]