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*CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO Courtney Elizabeth Briody #1517! I know when I was trying to conceive, I had a lot of problems. It took me about 3 years to get the littlest one I have now. It was SO hard and draining, sad, crazy, depressing and I was a mess!! Every month when my pregnancy tests came back negative I was just broken all over again :( I had people 'try' to help me out by giving me advice... oh there should be a book on what NOT to say to someone who is desperately trying to conceive.. sigh. I know they meant well, but Oh my goodness, no, just NO! I tried everything to get pregnant with my third miracle. Everything from Trying to Conceive psychic readings (which ended up SPOT ON btw...), to Clomid and IUI's... It was horribly draining!!! So I totally 'get it' I do! I was seriously beginning to think I was infertile :( But, after lots of prayers and trying different ways, we finally conceived our third baby! It was the month we took off.... seriously, it was... GO … [Read more...]

More Update(s) On Me :)

So, I know the last update I had about me was about me hoping I was pregnant with my last IUI. Well, ended up NOT being pregnant, but what else would I expect? I mean it has not happened for all 7 IUI's, why on earth would it happen then? Already having two kids, certainly does not make trying to conceive any easier. Yes, I have two wonderful, BUSY little miracles, but why on earth can I not have ONE more? I have questioned God and everyone for a LONG time on this. I just did not understand why I was unable to have baby #3... All of this stuff really takes a toll on someone, it really really does! TONS of emotions, tons. So, all of you people out there, that have been through infertility, or are going through it now, still, I will say a prayer for you. Stay STRONG. Now, my update... So, after the 7 IUI failed I was beyond devasted. Our insurance was up and we were going to have other insurance, but not as good. Me and hubby decided that that was our last attempt at trying, … [Read more...]

e.p.t Early Pregnancy Test

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CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO  Tamira Graham #53!! If you read my blog frequently, you all know my troubles with trying to conceive our 3rd child. It has been THREE years now and nada. Blah. My last update about me was soooo hopeful, after all, PYSCHICS said I would conceive in March ;) But, I did NOT. Oh man last month was HARD for me. It was hard not only because my 6th IUI did not work, but because it was the last month with the medical insurance that we have now. So, we are switching insurances and I am sure it will not be as good as our old insurance was. Oh well. God does not want me to have another child, I will just have to accept that.. Am I bitter much? Ya, just a bit..But I will be alright, I ALWAYS am. Anyways! Onto the e.p.t. review and giveaway :) e.p.t pregnancy tests are great tests. I usually will buy these tests when I get a line on a dollar store test, that way I don't waste my money on a good test :) I like that the digital e.p.t.'s will keep the … [Read more...]

Update On Me…

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Took down this post because sponsor was unable to pay me for it. So, I will make this post about how I am doing :) So the comments left below, were for that post, LOL, not this one :) I am still desperately trying for baby #3. It is such a long, hard road, OMG. I never would have thought that ttc our third child would take almost three YEARS and counting... It is very difficult hearing others announce they are pregnant, though I am extremely happy for them, I do wish it was ME announcing my pregnancy. Then I hear of those who have lost babies and am so deeply and truly sad and sorry for them :( No matter how old a BABY is, whether you JUST found out you were pregnant and miscarried, to losing your baby at 16 or more weeks, it is all VERY sad and unfair. So hugs to everyone who has suffered this sort of loss or any loss. It is so hard to deal with, I know all too well. I have had 5 IUI's and am about to do my 6th IUI (this is where they transfer your partners sperm into your … [Read more...]

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CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO Kayla Syslk #75!!   If you all follow my blog you know I have been trying to conceive our 3rd child now for almost 3 years now :( I have been taking fertility drugs, getting tests done and I have had 4 IUI's with nada. It is VERY discouraging to say the least and EXPENSIVE. I am beginning to accept I may never have another child again and it breaks my heart...and miss the ones so much I have lost :( I am sooo very blessed for the two miracles I do have right now. Every day I love on them and kiss them, probably more than they would like ;) At the beginning of my ttc journey, we did all sorts of testing, I was tested and of course my hubby was tested too. He was a bit embarrassed to do the Semen Analysis, what guy would not be, or at least be a little bit? I certainly wish that I had the SpermCheck Fertility Kit back then! Hubby would have felt more at ease, I am sure. Come to find out hubbys sperm are AWESOME little guys and he is all … [Read more...]

Charting Your Fertility With OvaCue

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CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO Shaunda Eppes #390 If you are a loyal reader of my blog, you know that I have been having a heck of a time getting pregnant with our third child. I have also had 3 losses, but now I can officially say FOUR. I say officially four, because when I went into see my fertility specialist a few weeks ago, he told me something that alarmed me. He said he was looking through my files and saw that I DID indeed have a tubal pregnancy WHEN I was pregnant with my daughter... Say What?! Ya, I NEVER knew that... till then. I had to pick my mouth up off of the ground. For when I DID have the tubal surgery it was, to my knowledge because the doctors THOUGHT it was a tubal, but when they took my tube out, they saw that it was only a cyst. That is what they told me... nice huh? Anyways, back to what I was saying... So, my cycles are a bit all over the place. I have been on pretty much every vitamin and supplement you can think of. I have tried all ovulation … [Read more...]