Plush Goldfish The First Luxury Plush Toy with Swarovski Eyes!

*Sponsored Post. Opinions are my own. I am sure you have a closet full of stuffed/plush animals, especially if you have kids. We have bags upon bags of endless plush and they are just boring. Nothing is special about them. My kids have lost interest in them and I don’t blame them. It is a […]

Check Out These Bamboo & Wooden Polarized Sunglasses!

*Product received. Opinions are my own. Have you seen these? They are bamboo and wooden polarized sunglasses and they are SO cool! I received a pair and a pair to gift to a friend! It was so much fun to hear how happy my friend was when she received her pair of sunglasses! So fun […]

Add Special Effects To Videos Instantly With Special FX Master

*Product received. Opinions are my own. Adding special effects to videos is something I have never done before. I have seen it done before and have always wanted to add special effects to my videos, but I am just not capable! It seems way too hard. But since learning about Special FX Master, I am slowly […]

Leg&Go Merges 8 Bikes Into 1!

*This post is brought to you by Leg&Go. Opinions are my own. Kids grow SO fast, don’t they? I never knew how quickly they do grow, until of course I had my own. Now, I just want a slow down (and some days, a pause) button! Since kids grow so fast, there are always new […]

Sneapers: Stylish Adult Sneaker Slippers

*This is a partnered post. Opinions are my own. Sneapers: Stylish Adult Sneaker Slippers.. Say that five times fast!! Ha! Sneapers are kind of neat though. They are colorful, stylish adult slippers! I am kind of liking the fact that they resemble sneakers! Too funny! If you like your sneakers, then these slippers are definitely […]

How Do I Keep My Baby Safe From Germs? #KickstartUviCube

*This is a partnered post. Opinions are my own. Every parent has asked this same question: “How Do I Keep My Baby Safe From Germs?“. As a parent we all want to ensure the safety of our kids and that includes those yucky germs, too. I remember when my babies were all newborn. I did […]

ZumZum Balance Bike

Congrats to Laura Jacobson *This post is brought to you by ZumZum  Bikes. Opinions are my own. I am SURE you all remember my post a couple of weeks ago of the wonderful, new ZumZum The Coolest Balance Bike, right? If not, click on that link to the left and read about it! It is one […]

ZumZum-The Coolest Balance Bike

*This post is brought to you by ZumZum  Bikes. Opinions are my own. There are so many Balance Bike’s on the market, there really is. But, what sets one apart from the other? What makes one better than the others? You really have to do your research to find out those answers. After all, when […]

Li’l Stories: Making It Easy And Fun To Tell A Story!

I absolutely love telling stories to my kids, just ask them! I tell all kinds of awesome stories. From scary stories to adventure stories, I can tell them good 🙂 I have always been creative like that 😉 When I heard about Li’l Stories I was excited! Li’l Stories was created by some parents. Their little […]