Who Is The Largest Online Consignment Store?

*Sponsored post. Opinions are my own. Who is the largest online consignment store? I have often wondered this. I have three small kids and they outgrow their clothes SO fast it is ridiculous! Buying new clothes just seems stupid to me sometimes. I shop the local consignment stores, but since I have moved into a […]

Create A Store, Create Designs & Post Them For Sale!

*This post is brought to you by Customized Girl. Opinions are my own. Create A Store, Create Designs & Post Them For Sale! I love fashion, I should really start a fashion blog. I have been thinking about it, but more than fashion, I love beauty, so I would have to add beauty into that […]

Do Essential Oils Work? #EssentialOils

Congrats to Kari Nowlin Last year, I purchased some essential oils off of Amazon. They were super cheap but that was okay because who has a million dollars to spend? I received them, used them and saw a little bit of a difference when I used them for my headaches and other things. I was not overly […]

Lulu Avenue Designs By Jude Francis

CONGRATS TO April Crisafulli #1270! *product was received. All opinions are mine! I use to not enjoy wearing jewelry all that much, but now that I am older I do like wearing jewelry occasionally! It makes me feel pretty and put together. I recently received some really nice pieces from Lulu Avenue Designs By Jude […]

Make Money Online

Before I blogged, I was very much into making money by doing things online. I wanted to share the things that worked for me, and yes, I actually got paid! Some were a lot more than others, but all in all they DID pay out!   Make Money Online 20/20 Panel (Hiring for US Only […]

Bamboopink by JudeFrances

I am sure you have heard the news! Bamboopink has been all over the internet, but what is it?? Can you really make money with it? I am here to explain it to you 🙂 Bamboopink by JudeFrances is a new fashionable yet affordable jewelry line made and designed by a high end designer, JudeFrances. […]

Want to Earn Money At Home? It is FREE and Won’t Cost you a thing!!!

Want to Earn Money At Home? It is FREE and Won’t Cost you a thing!!! I am very excited right now! I JUST came across this “earn money at home” business, and I am totally excited about it. I just signed up, and it did not cost me anything! It is called “Barefoot Books” and […]

Earn $100 With a Video Chat Session

Female eBay Shoppers and Holiday Gift Givers Needed for Video Chats on 6/14!   Video Chat Network is conducting video chats this coming Monday, June 14 among eBay Shoppers and Holiday Gift Givers. To see if you qualify for one of our video chats, we need you to fill out the attached questionnaire and return […]

Zulily: Daily Deals on Popular Kids Items & Coupon Code

I love finding really good deals on clothes, toys and gear for my kids, what Mom doesn’t? I was introduced to Zulily and had to check them out. I have to say first, that I was skeptical, but when I visited the site, I was pleased to see it was a great site full of […]

5 Tips on Leading a Successful Online Business-Guest Post

By Samy Liechti President and Founder, Blacksocks.com First and foremost, find an idea you love. Whether it’s ice cream, bean bags, or shirts with funny slogans, find a product or service you’re passionate about selling. I started my career as a marketing executive. One day, I was invited to dinner with Japanese business associates. The […]