Unique Nail Art and Polishes (So Pretty!)

*This post includes my affiliate link. I love searching the internet for beautiful and Unique Nail Art & Polishes. There are SO many creative people out there, that really make their nails look awesome! I found some that I wanted to share with you all! If you are inspired by them, please click on the […]

NEW from essence cosmetics ­fall/winter 2013 collection

*products were received, opinions are mine. Oh my how I love my makeup, but you already knew this, right? How could you not, if you read my blog 🙂 I have lots of makeup and beauty products and I just can’t get enough of them!     *Images from ULTA site They are such a […]

Jamberry Nails Review

CONTEST OVER! CONGRATS TO Mindi Blackburn #2!!   Paint does not do well on my toes or fingernails. I love paint on my toes, not so much on my nails, only because the paint just chips right off my finger nails. So, on my fingers I opt for nothing but freshly buffed nails. My toes, […]

Pretty Woman Nail Accessories: Fashion At Your Fingertips

What woman doesn’t love a pretty set of nails on her fingertips? Me, I file and buff out my nails and put a fresh coat of clear polish on them, frequently. I can’t stand lines on my nails or ragged nails, yucko. The must-have “It” accessory for 2011 is bling – but it’s not jewelry.  […]