Top 10 Must See Shows On Netflix (Guest Post)

*This is a guest post by Benjamin Warren   There are seemingly endless shows on Netflix, which is great for those of us who love streaming an episode when time allows. But taking a chance on a show you’re not familiar with, and getting caught up with a sub-par show is exactly what you don’t want. I know this list is going […]

Netflix: Watch T.V. Shows and Movies Online! (Giveaway) #giftguide

Congrats to Harolde D. *This post is brought to you by Netflix.  Are you still looking for something to give a loved one for the holidays? I have a suggestion for you that maybe you have not really thought about just yet… Give the gift of Netflix gift card! You can get access to unlimited movies and […]

Roku Player Review

  Me and my husband always use to watch our Netflix movies through his Playstation 3 console, and he always got a little upset thinking it was putting wear and tear on it. So, I felt guilty about ever even watching Netflix on it. But, with the  Roku player, I don’t have to worry about […]